Long Distance Healing Instructions:

Hello & Blessings!

The time for healing is almost upon us.


Real time: 3pm, EST, DECEMBER 31st, 2018


For those that live in a different time zone, click the link:


General Instructions for all:

Find a quiet place, somewhere you will not be disturbed for about 30 minutes. You may also choose to enhance the mood by dimming the lights and lighting candles, play soft music and so on. Some people may find benefit to meditate beforehand to come into a relaxed state and become clear of mind clutter and thoughts.

During the session, you may experience the following: Feeling warmth, coolness, tingling, pulsating, internal spinning at certain chakra locations, some see or have the impression of colors, see images and so on. All normal.

Some of you may fall asleep, experience semi conscious states or extreme relaxation and pure state of peace.

The experiences are unique and different for everyone. Regardless of the experience ( big or small ), know that you are receiving it and the energies are working to heal, balance and illuminate you.

Be sure to pay attention to any dreams you may experience for the next few days and drink plenty of water in between glasses of cheer….

One last thing: While receiving this healing, I would like to request to be free of  any crystals and/or other metaphysical tools so that these energies can be of the purest experience.

Real Time Healing:

These are instructions for those who are available to receive the healing at the time of inception, which will be at 2pm, Eastern Standard Time on December 31st, 2018.

Approximately 2-5 minutes before 3pm, EST ( Please use the time converter link above to find your states/country time ) you will say the following, ” I ( your name ) am now ready and open to receive long distance energy healing from Katherine Mongiello for the 2019 Collective Energies. Please surround and protect me with the highest frequencies of white light and allow me to receive this Divine gift from God with the highest intensity for the greatest good of myself and all living and Universal things. Thank you, I am forever grateful.”

The energy will be Collectively channeled for approximately 20 minutes and will be asked to continue beyond that.

Be open fully to receiving it and use your intuitive sense to know when it has completed. Everyone will have a different completion time. As we are all unique and on different junctures of our journey. So trust your soul, do not rush off after 20 minutes and allow the energy to taper off on it’s own.

For those who are not available at real time and will receive this healing at another day/time:

This healing will be set up so that it is readily accessible for those who live in other time zones in both the US, across the pond and for those who are busy celebrating – enjoy, enjoy enjoy!

But when you are ready to receive these energies, simply recite the following invocation,

” I ( your name ) am now ready and open to receive the 2019 collective long distance healing attunement from Katherine  Mongiello. Please protect and surround me with the highest frequency of White Light and allow me to receive is Divine gift with the highest intensity for the greatest good of myself and all living and Universal things. Thank you, I am forever grateful.”

You will experience the energies for a minimum of  20 minutes, but as mentioned above, it may be felt and received for much longer. Again, use your intuitive senses and sensitivities to determine when the energies have completed its healing.

May you bask in the beauty of this healing energy, which is being sent to you with much love and light…

Love Kathy


Please do check back in a week or so as I begin to prepare and organize the information received in regards to this years healing and Collective Reading.


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