If the planets in the solar system always fascinate you, you need to read the whole explanation of Uranus Facts. Even though human beings have not been to Uranus, they can gather much information about the coldest planet in the solar system. Look at the interesting facts about Uranus in the following post below:

Uranus Fact 1: The Coldest Planet

Uranus is considered the coldest planet in the solar system.  It is located in the seventh position from the sun. The average distance between Uranus and the sun is around 4.5 billion kilometer. The top part of Uranus has the temperature 49 K.

Uranus Fact 2: The Tilt of Uranus

Just like any other planets in the solar system, Uranus has its own tilt.  It is around 99 degrees.  You can imagine that Uranus’s orbit is like a rolling ball.

Uranus Fact 3: A Day In Uranus

A day in Uranus is around 17 hours. It is shorter compared to a day on earth. However, if you live in the north pole of Uranus, you have to spend 42 years in North Pole in darkness.

Uranus Fact 4: A Dense Planet

The second least dense planet in solar system is Uranus. Saturn is the least dense planet. The density of the planet is around 1.27 gram per cm3. The density makes people experience 89 percent force for gravity even though Uranus is bigger than earth.

Uranus Fact 5: Rings

Many people think that the only planet with rings is Saturn. Actually Uranus also has rings. If you have a backyard telescope, you can see the rings clearly. The rings of Uranus are a bit dark and narrow.

Planet Uranus

Uranus Fact 6: Atmosphere

If you take a look at the atmosphere of Saturn or Jupiter, you will be amazed with the band of cloud on the tops part of the planet. When you see Uranus, you will get bored with a blue ball. If you use an updated telescope, you can identify pattern and band of cloud on Uranus

Uranus Fact 7: Moons

Each planet has a moon.  Earth only has one natural moon, but Uranus has 27 moons. Most of them are lightweight and small.

Uranus Fact 8: Discovery of Modern Age

The discovery of Uranus occurred in modern age. When the telescope was invented, John Flamsteed was the man who firstly recorded the planet in 1690. At first, this man thought that it was one of the stars in constellation Taurus. The man who recognized it as a planet was Sir William Herschel through his observation in 1781.

Uranus Fact 9: Visual Look of Uranus

The human being can perceive Uranus without using any telescope. You just have to stay in the magnitude of 5.3 to see the blue planet without any instrument. If the sky is too dark, you can use binoculars to make it visible.

Uranus Fact 10: Spacecraft

In January 1986, Voyager 2 of NASA made an observation to Uranus. It approached Uranus within 81,000 km from the top surface.


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