Those born in December are lucky enough to claim four birthstones for their month. Zircon, turquoise, tanzanite, and blue topaz are all December Birthstones. All four stones feature different looks and qualities, from the vibrant blues of turquoise and tanzanite to zircon’s wide range of hues.


Birthstones have long been a staple gift and accessory associated with each month of the year. Their existence dates back to Earth’s early years. Meanwhile, the original idea of birthstones may trace back as early as biblical times. Some say their origins lie within the Bible, which details the special garments made for Aharon, the High Priest of the Jews. His breastplate contained 12 gemstones, one for each tribe of Israel.


Unbelievably, zircon is the oldest dated material on Earth. The oldest fragment of zircon was found in Australia. Zircon Mines are in Burma, Brazil, Cambodia, Korea, Madagascar, Mozambique, Nigeria, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Thailand, and Vietnam.

The folklore surrounding the oldest of the December birthstones developed in the middle ages when the gem began appearing in various religious writings. Some believe that the stone protects its owner from harm, death, and poison.

Zircon forms naturally. How it forms is still quite a mystery, as it occurs so deep below the ground.

After studying other planets, such as the Moon, Mars, and Mercury, and conducting numerous “what if” studies, most scientists will agree that zircon is formed as a result of tectonic plates colliding. In addition, Earth’s atmosphere was harsh in the early years, contributing to the formation of zircon.

Healing Properties

Zircon crystals have an intense energy that is highly spiritual.

They will help you to love yourself and others, and to recognize the spiritual aspects of yourself.

While it is a spiritual stone, it is also a strong stone for grounding you.

It will bring the spiritual energy down from the higher transpersonal chakras via the crown chakra, then move it to all of the lower chakras.

It will ground this energy at the base chakra, then take the energy down to the earth star chakra and Mother Gaia.

They help you to be more organized and to act more effectively to do what you need to do to achieve your aims.

They will help you if you have problems that are causing you serious issues you are having trouble dealing with.

They aid you when you need to take yourself out of the situation, meaning to distance your opinions and take guidance from spirit.

These stones have beneficial metaphysical properties, that will work within all of the chakras to stimulate the movement of sluggish energy.

Known as a ‘stone of virtue’ as they help to balance the virtuous aspects within you.

These crystals are both common and uncommon at the same time. While they really are quite common stones, not all crystal shops carry them.

This is because the stones that are really beautiful are snapped up for the jewelry trade, while the rest may be overlooked, as many do not have the look that some people associate with a beautiful crystal.

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