The Spiritual Meaning Of October

Keywords For October

Karma, Skill, Strength, Challenges, Success, Manifestation, The divine cycle of life, Continuity, Element Earth. Supernatural energies at play.

Animal spirit associated with October is the all seeing bat.( Check back for my October animal Totem post in a few days )

October, with the number ten at the forefront, is bound to be a month of activity and endless opportunity with great rewards if seized upon.

October is a month where the saying ” What goes around comes around” rings true, a karmic spiritual energy of correcting wrongs and doing rights and augers in the true spirit of the Tiger, ( finding that fight within you, finding the spirit to take on all adversaries and illnesses & consciously wishing yourself a better healthier happier life.)

October is the perfect month to manifest your wants and desires, if you are one that actively pursues your dreams and enjoy the journey with all it’s obstacles & it’s rewards. If your dream this October is to disappear all that stress and chaos you have in your head, maybe you still need to try the best cbd gummies, may you be calm and healed this October.

October (ten ) and Karma is but a reflection of your own spiritual morals, if you do not like something within you, don’t disown it, for that which is disowned causes chaos. Embrace it, OWN IT, then cleanse it, purify it, and turn it’s previous energies of negativity into positive vibrations.


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