October’s Animal Totem: The Bat


PLEASE NOTE: Although there are other animals that are representative of this month, Libra and so on.. I decided to go with this one, as it resonated the most for me and the theme for October, Libra, and the numerological references for the number 10 )

Associations for Bat…

Shamanic death and rebirth
Renewing our thoughts and beliefs on a moment-to-moment basis
Pollination of new ideas
Dying to our Ego
Loving our Enemies as ourselves
Viewing past lives
Exploring the Underworlds of Reality
Understanding grief
The use of vibrational sound
Inner Depth
Ability to observe unseen

The wisdom of Bat Energy will help our higher-self sharpen our sense of ‘true seeing’.

Because Bats come out at night, they have long had emblematic ties to death and the underworld and when we look closer, we see that Bat (like all Mammals) live inside the Mother’s womb from which it emerges ~ symbolic of renewal and new beginnings or re-birth.

Bats are very nurturing ( a fact that many of you may not know ), and shows itself as socialized in its group. They have unique communication skills and stay close to family and young. While they might avoid humans, there is no lack of interaction among their own.
In fact, Bats are so “touchy-feely” with their own family, it could be said that these creatures of the night are actually “cuddly”.

Because of their warm, sweet nature, Bat symbolism is a deeply soulful reminder that we should never judge a book by its cover.

In Shamanism Bat medicine ties directly in with the Shaman’s ability to walk between the worlds. They represent both death and life, endings and beginnings. Flying with the Bat means trusting your psychic gifts and having confidence in yourself.

Bat will help us this month to initiate and put forth major transitions in our life and urge you to keep all of your senses on alert so that you may gather and see the signs and omens the Universe is giving you, helping you to strengthen your natural capacity to “see” with all 6 senses.

Bat is also a symbol of death, the death of some part of you that no longer serves your higher calling. Be sure to follow through on new ideas, hunches and even emotions that you are not familiar with. This change may be somewhat painful if you forestall it – however know that if you embrace it ( them ), the universe will make every attempt to make these changes as easy as possible for you.

Alternatively this animal is reminding you to continue to pursue your spiritual growth by letting go of ego, renewing thoughts and beliefs on a regular basis, doing inner work, loving your enemies the same way you love yourself, and nurturing personal growth in all it’s forms.


Katherine Mongiello




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