In order to be able to maintain the healing and the high vibrational frequencies that have occurred as a result of this Collective Healing, and as in any energetic frequency that has been awakened/re-awakened/brought back into awareness, the physical body/the temple/the vessel must be in certain healthful states. In order to live as these states as something you have become again and not something that you do from time to time, the physical body must be brought up to the same high vibrational frequencies as the energetic vibrational frequencies that are working to create permanent changes and the necessary blue print/Dna/Rna resets in order to be able to hold on to and allow these energies to become permanent and allow what is suppose to come next and the result and goals that the Planetary Masters are working to achieve.

The following directives have been made, some have already been published in separate posts and note, however I have re-posted them here to keep them together and easy to find:

1- ” Directive of Direction” channeled message:

Take this year to allow the natural flow of energies to circulate through your beings to allow the light to emerge and fully circulate and flow throughout.






as these are ways one try’s to fill in the empty spaces of the voids within.

But use this year to regenerate, re cooperate, heal mind, especially body , and take this time to begin to incorporate the things that have been learned, the things that were taught, know and fully bring these healthful things into your Lives to increase the life force energies in there around.”

2- The Continued Messages of the last Mercury in Retrograde:

He gifts us with the ability to come in to that place of stillness and reconnect with the Universal signs and messages that will brings us to those important moments of awareness, healing and/or perhaps the clarity our soul needs to be able to move forward when the energies flow naturally in that direction once again.

The Blessing of this Retrograde, occurring on the New Moon in Capricorn, gave us the fresh opportunity – and an extremely strong one, to begin new ways of communicating and receiving messages from not only others, but in changing that sometimes self judging, self sabotaging internal dialogue that we so often have toward ourselves and also the ways that our soul receives and speaks to the Divine. Even learning to be able to listen and actually hear these messages is part of His gift.

Jupiter, Saturn AND Neptune were all in the mix and probably still are, which are the planets of Blessings and Expansion, Expect the unexpected ( which I totally experienced, when it was revealed to me what the 2017 Collective Healing/messages and goings on that night was about- still to come ), solid grounding and moving forward with great new ideas, when the time comes.

An extremely great idea is to:

1. Allow yourselves to be in that stillness and embrace his energy of quietude ( I seem to be saying this alot lately )

2. Become aware of any negative dialogues ~ whether internal or outward

3. The re-write that story by creating Affirmations that re-set them

4. and of course say them daily.

3- Synchronizing with the Seasons

The year of 2017 is especially important for us to come in to and live in the natural flow of the Universe and Universal Energies.

We are being called now and not just now, but as we move into the future, through the rest of our earthly lives, to come in sync with the heartbeat of Universal Realms by living by the Seasonal Energies as they present themselves as the Wheel Turns in each stage. The ancients lived by this and some how, living in this flow has become lost and extinct- by many-

In the Northern Hemisphere, now in the winter season, the flow of energy calls for standing still. It is a time that we need to rest. It is the regeneration phase. It is not a time to be active. It is a time to rest, heal, re-cooperate, on all levels.

For many of us, myself included, the New Year is included during this phase, where we are prompted to create New Year Resolutions and goals and as soon as the clock literally strikes 12, we push into action to work towards those goals. But that is not in sync with the actual energies of the season.Perhaps writing some general goals down, or some type of plan is a responsible thing to do, but then we must remember to put it away for safe keeping until the next season- spring- begins. As this is the time in which the energy supports seed plantings of all types.

Side note: A few years ago, I began to leave the lists and the goals to Spirit. Choosing to walk each year as the proverbial fool in the Tarot. To me, the powers that are, know best as to where I will need to go and what I must do. If I walked in my own direction, not only would I get in my own way, but I learned that I would end up going in a big wasted circle only to end up where Spirit wanted me to go in the first place… wasting much time and energy in the meantime. And I’m all for the path of least resistance and trekking down a journey of ease and grace. So the fool is about walking in blind faith and placing our complete trust of destination, lessons, challenges and triumphs with Spirit. I suppose it is easier said than done.

Getting back on specific topic: Syncing in with the seasons: Noticing nature and what is happening all around us, gives us concrete visual aids and clues as to where we should be in the seasonal flow. I find myself sleeping more than I ever have and getting tired a lot more as day turns into night. We are programmed to think if we do this we must be depressed. But is it really? Does it really mean that? We are programmed to always have to place a reason and name for many things that really, just occur naturally and by societal standards place ourselves in these categories, which are never positive in terms of definition.

If we are always suppose to be going going going then when are we suppose to rest and heal? When are we suppose to slow down and just allow. To be still and just be?

The flow of energy in the Wintertime is that seasonal moment when it is that time. That time to rest and sleep, allowing our body’s to do what God intended it to do, which is to repair itself, heal and come back to its optimal levels of health. I believe if we all made the efforts to do this a lot more diseases and illnesses would not exist.

For those in the Southern Hemisphere, you are now in your Summer Season. And the flow of energies supports the time of celebration, enjoyment, soaking in the nutrients of the suns gifts and when you think about it: mentally and emotionally healing. Bringing in the high vibrations of love and happiness. Just writing this is making me excited and happy!

It is a time of self enjoyment. and similar in a way with the Northern Hemisphere phase of winter in that it is the time to just be. To allow healing to occur on some level.

The summer months depict the time before the great harvests begin, when one gets to witness the growth of all the seeds that were planted in in springtime- the actual time of great action, energetically speaking. A time of great celebration, as mentioned, the time to frolic and rejoice for all the wonderful things that were birth and nurtured.

This note is in support of the 2017 Collective Reading, still to come and in process.

4- Call in the Healing:

6 days on and 1 day off, when channeling the healing. I am not sure if it is suppose to be done continuously. The only thing I can say is to see how you feel after the first cycle, as releases may happen which may come in the form of aches and pains, flu and so on. If these things accur, then review the recommendations above and your life style and see what adjustments need to be made in order to strengthen your vessel. Once you are feeling well and strong again, try the 6 days on and 1 day off again. And then go from there.

5: Work with:

The Crystals and print up the Energy Painting grid as explained in Page 2 AND 3 of this Reading.

6 – Additional crystals that we should all work with, which include:

Herkimer Diamond, Green Aventurine, Lapis Lazuli and Soldalite. Use these in meditation to connect with the messages and Guidance of those Masters that have channeled this years gift of expansion to us.

As these Crystals have elements and frequencies within them that will improve our communication transmission with them. They are all directly associated with the Throat, Blue Ray, Dna and Specifically, the area of the Hyoid bone. Another Diamond like structure when viewing the superficial muscles of the neck. The Hyoid Extends down to the thyroid area and the bone itself is independent of all other bone articulations and is shaped like a “U”. I feel like a Herkimer pendant that gently lies at the high heart area and skin concave at the throat would be extremely beneficial for maintaining health and balance here, among other things, I am sure.

Links for the properties of the above mentioned crystals:

7- Meditation: Journey into the Light of the Womb, by Katherine Mongiello, recorded the evening prior to the Collective Healing:


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