The Lion’s Gate reaches its peak position in the Heavens on August 8th, creating a portal between worlds that allows higher consciousness and instant manifestation power! The Lion’s Gate is a powerful Stargate, recognized since ancient times, and most potent on the eighth day of the eighth month of the year. In numerology, the 8th day of the 8th month is a highly spiritual and charged time. The number 8 represents infinity – the infinite soul that we are and the infinite journey that we take. The number 8 also represents transformation, mastery, abundance, & manifestation,

But the Lions gate is not just about numerology. It is also astrologically significant and involves the Sun in its ruling sign of Leo and the rising of the star Sirius. Sirius is one of the brightest stars in the sky and is known as our Spiritual Sun.

While our earthly Sun illuminates our physical world which is an illusion, our Spiritual Sun illuminates the truth of our timeless soul.

Earlier this month, our Sun and the star Sirius began opening the Lion’s Gate vortex, when they aligned to create a synchronized rising that causes them to appear as two suns in the sky. These heavenly bodies will now align together on the 8th, along with the pyramids of Giza, creating a flood of higher consciousness, psychic power, and light energy– the effects of which we will see throughout the year 2020! It is said that this alignment creates an energy frequency so high, it activates us on a cellular level and triggers an awakening to our true power. In fact, ancient cultures around the world recognized the star Sirius as the gate to Heaven and the source of our spiritual energy. Some theories suggest the pyramids at Giza acted as transmitters to help the world receive the energy and messages coming from Sirius.

keep in mind that pyramids also exist in the earth, in oceans, they are all different sizes and ALL act as energy receptacles and as the energies touch the top of the pyramids, it becomes dispersed throughout and then absorbed by the earth.

This is the Cosmos way of infusing the earth with specific and needed energies each year.

When the Lion’s Gate Portal is open, we can expect to experience life-changing spiritual and emotional growth and luck and abundance. The Lionsgate portal activates the chakras, especially the heart and third eye chakras. We may finally feel healed from any grief or sadness that has burdened our hearts. Our intuition is likely to be strong and we may even receive “psychic downloads,” such as prophetic or enlightening dreams and messages from our guides or ancestors.

At this time, this years occurrence- on a Collective level- will bring in greater energies meant to accelerate and amplify the earth- and to remove denser and darker energies within and residing on earth, energies that have been here for a very long period of time.
It is a cleansing and clearing on a cosmic level to permanently change what is allowed and not allowed on this planet moving forward. It has been said that this will be a 7 year process for things to unfold and complete.

On a personal level these energies we will be sharper and more creative– resulting in more financial or artistic success.  A sense of freedom and peace may wash over us, as our soul naturally tunes in to the loving cosmic vibrations.

It is extremely important to continue to work on ones uplift me to and frequency by tuning in to the physical body and paying attention to the things that “agree” with ya and the things that make us sick. Meditations to open the heart chakra energy, stepping out of the fear vibration and into the love vibrations.

– Katherine Mongiello


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