The 5th Element


The element of Spirit is perhaps the most difficult of the Elements to understand and explain.

The element of Air can be seen as our expressing communication and the qualities of the mind. The element of Fire can be seen in our creativity, energy and passion. The element of Water is related to our emotions and the element of Earth relates to the physical world and the body and keeps us grounded.

The fifth element of Spirit and is also known as Akasha or Aether, is essential to the successful manifestation of Magic.

It can be seen as the full representation of the four tangible Elements working in harmony. Spirit, the non tangible Element, binds the other four together, but is greater than the sum of its parts.

Spirit as an element is present both within and without your body. It can be seen as your spirit or soul with an energy that permeates your every thought, word and deed.

As you strive to balance all the Elements and the aspects of yourself and your world, so you become closer to Spirit.

The Magical correspondences connected to the element of Spirit are of the colour violet or white. Some claim black to be the color that represents this Element.

The stones and crystals that represent this Element are normally amethyst and clear quartz.

Unlike the other elements that relate to the directions of north, south, east and west. The direction of Akasha is the centre and circumference – both within and without.

It is genderless and relates to both before birth and after death.

Rather than just one Tarot card relating to Akasha – the whole of the Major Arcana of the Tarot corresponds to it, even though some practitioners like to use either the Fool or Judgement to represent the fifth element.

Magical workings using the Akasha element usually revolve around change and transformation.


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