This Month & The Snake/Serpent

The snake is powerfully connected to life force and primal energy. In many cultures, it is revered as a powerful totem representing the source of life.

When snake energy appears in your life, it likely means that healing opportunities, change, important transitions, and increased energy are manifesting and can provide guidance about these life changes and transitions, at the physical, emotional or spiritual level.

Remember that Snake sheds its skin and we are no different. This month we too, can shed the layer of ourselves that contain our illusions and limitations, old worn out habits and beliefs, symbolizing ” death” and rebirth and helping us to re-awaken our creative forces, psychic abilities, our vitality and desires to achieve wholeness.

Snake will guide us through August, asking us to release what is no longer needed in our lives and to empower the parts of us that we may have become a little frightened of.


Katherine Mongiello


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