2017 Collective Healing: Limitlessly Available

Hello All & Many Blessings!

The following are instructions for those who wish to be apart of this years, 2017, Collective Healing and Empowerment.

This Healing was executed, in real-time on New Years Eve, 2017 at 6pm and lasted approximately 90 minutes.

This healing was set up so that it may be called in any time afterward, limitlessly and is directly connected and set with the intention and focus toward those fans and/or followers of balanceforlifehealing page. This was done to create specific focus and direction.

Call In Instructions:

General Instructions:
Please find a quiet area, somewhere you will feel comfortable, relaxed & undisturbed. You may also choose to set the mood even further by lighting candles, playing soft music and so on. Some people choose to meditate beforehand, but it is not necessary.

” I ( your Name ) am now ready and open to receive long distance energy healing from Katherine Mongiello. Please surround & protect me with the highest frequency of white light and allow me to receive this gift with the highest intensity for the greatest good of myself and for all living things. Please allow my soul to receive these energies as strong as I am able to receive them. Thank you, I am forever grateful.”

Universal Additions for 2017 Collective Healing

With regards to receiving the energies:

* Your heart space is open completely to receive it.

* Please do not cross anything, as this will help the energetic pathways to be unrestricted and allowed to flow easily & free.

* Release any & all preconceived notions as to how you think it should be, feel, experience, should be, how it always was and so on as much as you are able.

* While receiving this healing I would like to request to please be free of any crystals and/or other metaphysical tools so that these energies can be of the purest experience.

This healing is best received at night, in bed. If you fall asleep, it will continue to flow. These energies are extremely strong. This healing will occur for awhile, so doing it before bed will allow you this extended time without being mind active.


It is recommended that these energies are called in for 6 days in a row. I found that day 2 for me personally was 3 times as strong as day 1. On days 3-6 I immediately fell asleep thanks to the use of .CBD melatonin gummies for relaxation, be sure to find the best possible cbd gummies in the market.

Once the 6 days have been completed, allow yourself to recuperate. Assess your condition and allow you  being to acclimate and integrate the healing and new energies. It is possible that a reaction as a result of this deep healing will occur. it may be on any level ( physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, etc; ) Allow it to occur, and rest and take it easy.

Repeat the above as desired.

Read through the Collective Reading and work with the directives and Universal Recommendations.

Both Healings and information contained within the Reading are both needed to receive the highest benefits from this empowerment and are ongoing workings.

Thank you

With love




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