The name Diamond is derived from the ancient Greek word adámas, which means proper, untamed, invincible, unalterable, or unbreakable, a reflection of its unyielding endurance and quality.

Diamonds are the toughest gemstone and made up by just one element, which is carbon.

They are formed deep in the bowels of the Earth where the pressure is 65,000 times that of the pressure on the Earth’s surface, with temperatures exceeding 2,700 degrees Fahrenheit.

Its structure makes it 58 times harder than anything in nature and can only be cut with another diamond.

Diamonds have also been found inside meteorite craters on the Earth’s surface. They have high optical dispersion, allowing the stone to disperse a spectrum of different colors.

They come in several colors, including green, blue, pink, red, and yellow. They can also come in transparent, white, or black color. They range in intensity, from faint to vivid. The more saturated the color, the higher the value.


Diamonds that sparkle with intense color are quite rare and may be more expensive than colorless Diamonds of equal size.

Fancy color Diamonds are very desirable, and color is sometimes introduced in a laboratory. These are the color-treated Diamonds.

While it has been identified with wedding engagements, the Diamond is also the perfect stone for people who want a beautiful gemstone that’s suitable for both everyday wear and special occasions. Those who are looking for engagement rings or everyday jewelry pieces like diamond earrings, online jewelry shops like Gema & CO may have what you’re searching for.

Diamonds have been revered for centuries, and some historians estimate that it has been in trade since 4 BC.

One of the reasons Diamonds are so highly regarded is because of the process which it goes through to be formed below the Earth’s crust and then forced upward until it is uncovered.

But before this process was known, many ancient civilizations believed that Diamonds were lightning from the sky made real on earth.

Many thought that the Diamond could cure brain disease, ease pituitary gland disorders, and get rid of toxins from the blood.

Historically, it first became popular in India when it was mined by the Moghuls and Imperial Colony from the deposits along the three major rivers there.

This birthstone was first in the land of the opulent Moghul leaders and populous Imperial Colony.

Alluvial deposits tucked the stones away gently in their bowels along the Penner, Godavari, and Krishna rivers.

Many stories, myths, and legends, find their way around the April birthstone.

Ancient Greeks believed that the fierce fire that burned when a Diamond is created reflects the attributes of eternal love.

Ancient Hindus believed that Diamonds were made by lightning bolts that hit the earth.

Greek legend entails that Diamonds are the tears of the Gods, star splinters, and crystallized lightning.

This kind of birthstone meaning is a point of pride indeed to people born in April. Being likened to such divine, powerful and celestial things only heightens their sense of self, and their personal view that they are the protagonists of a life story that’s a grand adventure.

Diamonds are seen as the ultimate prize, and likewise people born in April only give themselves freely to those they believe have most earned their trust and respect.

After all, if you wanted a Diamond of your own, you would hardly expect it to fall into your lap with no effort!

And much as Diamonds represent the very upper heights of prestige and accomplishment, someone born in April often has the kind of ambition it takes to climb the highest of life’s mountains, and overcome the greatest of challenges to win at whatever they set their mind to.

Of course, Diamonds can reflect light away from themselves in thousands of ways, and likewise people born in April sometimes seem unpredictable in their intentions.

This is never dishonestly – you could say they are as clear as Diamonds in the honesty stakes – but rather because they want nothing more than to get what they want unimpeded.

Ancient scriptures refer to the ‘Colorless Stone’ as the harbinger of love, strength, and endurance.

Throughout history, however, the Diamond has nearly always symbolized eternal and lasting lobe.

This stone symbolizes innocence, love, purity, honesty, loyalty, and faith. It bestows peace and fulfilling relationships to anyone who wears it.



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