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I would like to thank all of you for your continued patience & understanding for the delay in respect to publishing this post.

The 2018 Collective Reading, performed on New Years Eve, 2017, is connected to the Collective Long Distance Healing, which is unlimtlessly available throughout 2018.

So if you still have not received this healing, I do encourage you to do so, as it is quite a powerful one- not in terms of experience, but in terms of what is needed for all of us to move forward to heal and begin the journey toward eventual  Collective Oneness.

This years healing, all begins with the energies of the heart. So much pain, so much passion, so much separation, hurt and blockages – not only from our own experiences in this life, but also from those that had preceded this one.

Last year, the Collectve Healing/Reading, was about healing the spaces between the spaces.. Not just merely the chakras, meridians and surounding areas, but also those spaces in between the cells, the DNA & RNA strands and the voids, cavities and reservoirs of storage contained within the physical body. It was about bringing in, through and the streaming of all spectral colors of the light rays for healing, clearing and cleansing, as well as alljust in the same way in which we deep clean our homes and living spaces. This type of cleaning, for most of us- going through every nook and cranny, every draw, closet, clothing item. Every sheet of paper, piece jewelry and so on, which is usually is performed, ” once in a blue moon.” many times when we are preparing for a huge change and a move.

That was exactly what last years healing was all about. It was aboutgetting our bodies ready to move forward into the sacred space we are beginning to move into this year. Making the room that is necessary for our very important healing work, which we are being called to do, beginning this year.

Last year was also about opening up and clearing the triangular areas that had been created, by design, from God. These areas are located in the throat, crown, and the pubic synthesis, in the groin area. These openings of the body, are those areas in which we receive the energetic flows from both heaven and earth. Clearing these areas are necessary for us to receive the clear transmissions and the higher frequency downloads. they called it the Great Opening. And leading us to the “Great Awakening”

The theme for this year, and most likely for quite few years to come, is about the heart and the energies within. It is the energetic frequency that holds and sustains “pure” love, when fully healed. It is our direct connection to the love of the Divine energies, the highest vibration, and where Oneness exists, once completely healed and unified.

But we can not know pure love unless we experience the shadow aspect or it’ s opposite, which is what I feel the world has and continues to experience currently. This is why there is much fighting, anger, the creation of separation between countries, each other and ourselves. Isolation is the opposite of Unity and Oneness. These shadow sides must be experienced so that when we finally come into these higher expressions completely- we can see, feel, experience, learn and know. Just in the same way the Divine tells us one can not know the light, unless the darkness has been experienced.

The Channeling:

Prior to the actual healing, the following channeling was given:

” Welcome,

In the beginning there was only love and so now it is time to return to that original state-

It is time for each of you, those who are ready, to step out of the fears that were instilled within you by the human experience and step into your original state- It is time to begin the journey back-

It is time to walk upon the earth and know her love & abundance. It is time to walk upon her soil & feel the love of the great one and allow these greater energies to stream and flow through you.

It is time to open like the lotus and emanate and shine and meld and connect with all.

It is time to know yourself as love and as one.

See the reflection of love when you stand face to face with your brother.

This, the journey of pure love, begins.”

The Healing:

Prior to the actual healing, as I was setting up for the session, I was called to place  2 chunks of rose quartz- 1 above the crown ( Soul star chakra) and 1 below the feet ( Earth star chakra) and place a small natural shape tumbled Rose quartz at the heart. I also surrounded her with large crystal points and I placed a Romeo & Juliet figure that I received years ago from my mother during her trip to Italy, at the level of the Solar Plexus Chakra.

As the energy began to move my hands, It lead me to work up into the aura, in the areas of the heart, throat, and solar plexus, occasionally passing over the crown and sacral chakras.

About the Specific Chakras

The heart is the bridge between heaven and earth, it is the balance of above and below.

Generally when we begin to unblock energies that have been out of balance for long periods – even lifetimes, and these areas begin the journey back into balance, most times, We will end up on the other side of the spectrum, acting in very emphasized expressions of the specific energy which has been unexpressed for so long. Sort of like setting free something that was caged, and now it is able to move freely and unrestricted, if this makes sense. Then over time, these energies will begin to self correct, moving toward the more balanced center of its energetic expression, where true balance and harmony resides.

The Crown, located in the middle of the top of the head in the area in which the bones come together when we are infants, is the place of Divine Connection and Oneness.

The Solar Plexus, located at the tip of the sternum, at the xiphoind process, is where the energy of the self resides. It holds the expression of energy of our strength, courage, personal power and the relationship with ourselves.

The Sacral Chakra is located in the area of the sacral bone and encompasses the energies between the hips. This is the place of community and where we fit into it, it also holds our emotions, expressions of abundance and creativity. it also holds for woman, our Divine Feminine Ancestral  Connections with each other and the first Mother.

The Auric Layers that were involved throughout this session were the emotional ( connected to the sacral chakra as well as the emotional aspects of each of the above mentioned chakras ) & the mental layer ( connected directly to the Solar Plexus Chakra as well as the mental processes of each of the above mentioned chakras. )

Supporting Divination Cards

This year I was called to pull cards from an Oracle Deck called, ” Keeper of the Light ” by Kyle Gray.

As I was shuffling the deck with the intention of pulling 3 cards, one of the cards basically flew out of the deck.

Here are brief descriptions of each:


Freya is the Norse goddess of the moon & love. She offers deep spiritual & physical protection. She works closely with moon energy & helps us recognize that our life is a cycle that is always changing. She who holds all the phases & aspects of wisdom these cycles bring as we go through our growth, she is there to support & guide us. Her animal totem is the Raven, which is said to represent her capacity to travel between heaven & earth. She says, ” change is here, do not be afraid. While it may feel like the end, just know it is only the beginning. Welcome these changes and and walk through the doors of opportunity and growth with joy and leave behind those illusions that you have been holding onto. Take heart, this is an exciting time!


Green Tara

The goddess of compassion & light is here to bring you protection & safety to help you move into a new state of being & doing. She will help you to cut the chords of the past so that you may feel energetically clear & aware. She has placed a force- field of complete love & acceptance around you so that you may begin to peel away the wall so hat have been built around your hearts. It’ s time to begin the journey of trusting again. It is safe. trust what you feel & those that begin to enter into your life. Step into a space of spiritual & personal freedom.



Gaia is Mother Earth AND the keeper of the light who holds the planet  in her hands & heart. She loves, guides & protects all beings. She asks us to love them to. By loving them we then love the planet. She is here to remind you that you are strong, focused, and a loving individual.  As you come into acceptance and greater love for all, she is here to protect you  as you walk down this path of love.


In Conclusion

We are moving into energies of unity & Oneness – but we can not know Universal Oneness until we become one with ourselves.

Clearing the mid center of ourselves, which is our connection of Universal clarity, is the theme of this years Collective Healing. It is the most difficult, challenging & the hardest but the most rewarding & our reason for being here, at this time. This is the beginning, as Divinely ordered, for this journey to begin & will continue well into the coming years.

Many hurts, emotions, deceptions, – will begin to truly clear – & as they do, the veil which has shielded our eyes through love, will begin to thin, allowing us to emerge into & out from the illusions of the earth experience energies & into the purity of truth- surrounded by compassion & love. And with the help of the extraordinary planetary energies & star alignments, we will be supported & be given the opportunities to attune to the Divine help to bring & move us forward & toward the immense healing that will be needed for profound illumination & become purity of love. Once this begins, the earth frequencies will truly increase until we are in sync & ‘One’ with the vibrational frequencies with both heaven & earth.

So the time has come to heal within ourselves. To become one within ourselves. To attune to the frequencies within our own heart. To move toward our own peace, harmony & authenticity. Because once we heal ourselves deep within the heart, It is then we will know we are only love, truly and purely. We now embark on the path of learning that we need not ask to be the light in love, but to step into the authentic knowing, that we truly are the light of love.

Thank you for this opportunity. I thank God, Gaia, & all Divine Energies for their immense love, support, patience & guidance.

In love, light & peace

Katherine Mongiello, Lifetime Seeker of healing.




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