The month of December represents unity & trust, Divine connection, success in all areas of life, challenges and commitments, A time when your own personal power is put to the test and succeeding will take courage, risk, trust, and compassion.

The animal spirit for December is the owl ( check back in a couple days for my post on this magnificent spirit watcher )

Finding enlightenment in the smallest tasks associated with our endeavors, both personal and business this month, will activate an acute awareness derived from the 5th or throat chakra ( the first of the spiritual chakra’s, Throat chakra – meaning to speak your truth, demonstrating self-expression, to communicate and to listen )

This month, a spiritual test of wisdom will accompany those on the path in the month of December by the attainment gained in this wisdom is not to jump to conclusions until the entire chess board has been revealed.

There are MANY spiritual holidays this month, which I did not list here, but for those who are interested in taking a gander here’s a link:


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