Welcome January!

The month of January is named after the Roman god Janus of new beginnings, endings and transitions, gates and doorways. Portrayed with two heads directly opposite each other one facing in front depicting the future, one facing behind depicting the past.

Symbolically the Alder tree, sometimes known as the Goddess tree, guards the month of January with it’s strong connection to water spirits and the white fairy horse.

January is a month of opportunities, testing our wisdom ( December also had wisdom tests… interesting ) with the pressures of everyday modern living,asking us, “Am I able to react to situations with calmness and universal understanding.” Prospering one’s spirituality through dealing with our fellow men in honesty, trust and love.

In the month of January start fresh with a good daily eating and meditation habit, make a resolution to continue this throughout the year.

Before you eat, cherish the nature of things and how the food got to your table.

With those thoughts- send your love out to the universe with and awe in how magical and fascinating you find the mysteries of nature. This will help connect you with the divine in all things.

The changing winds of the month of January is the perfect time to carry our manifestations into existence.

The thoughts we have now in January will linger with us for quite some time, as we are subconsciously setting up our year for success or failure.

Becoming conscious of our thoughts and actions now allows us to refine them to reflect our spiritual nature and wisdom, bringing only positive circumstances in January and setting the stage for the upcoming year.

I’m loving January!

Much Love,
Balance for Life: Mind, Body & Soul Healing


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