July’s New Moon + Crystal Guidance

The new moon is a great time to revisit old intentions and also lay the foundation for new. We welcome the new moon on July 20th in the zodiac sign of Cancer. Cancer, a water element, represents your inner world, a place that is understood only by you. Cancers are known to be highly intuitive and highly sensitive. This is a beautiful time to learn to forgive. Forgiving is not about the other person {or thing}. Forgiving is about creating the space for you to welcome something new that truly serves your soul. This is a beautiful time to create a simple yet powerful self-care ritual. Our world has taught us to be going all the time – slow down and breathe. You have a beautiful life to live.

July’s New Moon + Crystal Guidance

These crystal suggestions below are for the new moon in July. Use these during your new moon ritual practice and during the new moon phase as you practice meditation. Each crystal has an affirmation to work with during your practice.

july new moon crystals
  • Clear Quartz— This stone is wonderful at absorbing the negative energy. You can program it with your thought and intention as it will support you by providing clarity on your new adventure. Affirmation I am crystal clear.
  • Citrine — This stone is beautiful at supporting a confidence boost, which we all need sometimes when we start something new. Affirmation I choose to be happy.
  • Moonstone — This stone amplifies your intuition and inspiration creating the space needed as you start your new adventure. Affirmation I live my life purpose.




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