The Lessons of the Snow Goose


The Snow Goose appears on the Medicine Wheel in the Cardinal Direction of North, guarding these cool northern winds when it is time to rest, listen to the voice of the Divine and then let those insights rejuvenate our souls,during the season of Snow and Renewal.

In fact, many global religions include a Goose as a symbol of the God/dess including: Brahma, the God of creation (Hindu). It is no wonder that Goose wants to create beauty, while also seeking elusive magical and spiritual truths.

Native American tradition ties the Snow Goose to masculine energy which vibrates with reliability, ambition, tenacity, and a strong work ethic. Throughout Snow Gooses’ life they seek cooperation with the ebb and flow of reality using perseverance and resourcefulness.

The crystal for Snow Goose is the energetic quartz that offers protection, healing, and release of negativity. Clear Quartz is an “energy amplifier” that helps create a strong link to inner and outer worlds.

Goose’s plant is the Silver Birch, representing a long life lived prayerfully, and purely. Goose does not like toxic situations and avoids them whenever possible.

An Interesting Note:

Geese annually migrate to warmer climates during the winter. Should a goose become injured during this trek, another goose will leave the migrating flock to stay with its fallen comrade. The goose will stay with the injured until he has recovered or until its final breath.

The Lessons of Goose

Remembering your roots – don’t forget the people who helped you along the way
Trust: Follow your gut – rely on intuition and instinct in order to get where you need to be
Speak up: Communicate your needs to others – no one can help you if you don’t speak out
Discern: Protect that which is most valuable, but make sure you have your priorities straight (meaning, be sure you’re protecting that which is worth protecting)

In Conclusion:

Tap into the Magic of the Snow Goose this month for inspiration, guidance, and stability. You will gain strength from this ally as you spend time in the Silence.


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