The Meaning of this month’s Animal Totem: Dragonfly


Shape-Shifter, Transformation, Supernatural Power, Master in the realm of Magic, Self Realization, Change, Nature Spirit Friends, Connected Water and Wind, Harmony, Prosperity, Purity, Positive Force, Renewal, Maturity, Emergence of the True Self, Metamorphosis, Often symbolizes the end of self delusion, Precise Action, Swiftness, Power of Light, Joy, Spiritual expansion is dragonfly’s message, Mysticism.

Dragonfly rides the winds of change and sails on the breeze of pools and lakes. A very powerful medicine for the mind, body & spirit.

I quiet contemplation, you will have visions and flashes of brilliance, revealing your destiny.

Dragonfly assists us in “breaking free” of any illusions that we are holding onto: the stores and ideas of what others have told you about your potential ~ or what you have begun to tell yourself. BREAK-FREE is the message, the invitation to shift your way of thinking and believing, because you alone hold the power to choose and know what is best for yourself.

Dragonfly also symbolizes feeling free to express your true feelings, your true colors and it encourages us to celebrate the unique ways that we all shine in the light…

Much love, Kathy


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