July Capricorn Full Moon


Generally Speaking, 

Full moons give us the opportunity to build the energy to finish the new intention we set during the previous new moon. It often marks the end of a growth phase. Capricorns are known to be ambitious, disciplined, and sensitive. With the energy of the full moon, this is a beautiful time to harness the energy of Capricorn’s to finish any unfinished projects. Capricorn’s are determined and focused, but can be very sensitive at times. When the moon is in Capricorn, it’s time to buckle down and work on projects that require leadership.

July’s Crystal Guidance 

These crystal suggestions below are for the full moon in July. Use these during your full moon ritual practice or during the new moon phase as you practice meditation.

  • Malachite — This is a powerful stone for transformations and manifesting. It’s about personal growth and change. It helps to draw things out so you can align your inner and outer worlds, stepping into your own light. Affirmation – I am transforming my life.
  • Smokey Quartz  — The stone is beautiful for letting go at what no longer serves you. In order to move forward with projects, you’ll call on Smokey Quartz to help release anything that isn’t serving a purpose. Affirmation – I let go.
  • Fluorite — Capricorns want to be the best of the best. This crystals rainbow energy creates the space for you to dream big. And its beautiful colors fill your spirit with peace, stability, and positivity so you can be bold with your aspirations.  Affirmation – I have big aspirations that are coming true.

Capricorn Full Moon Affirmations

Use these affirmations to guide you during this full moon. You can use them as a focus as you start your day, guidance during meditation, or support as you end your day. Amplify their support by pairing with one of your crystals.

capricorn full moon
  • I am aligned with my highest self
  • I choose to manifest consciously with integrity
  • I am connected to Mother Earth



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