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Recognizing the Signs


In a time of change and chaos ( to say the least, ) within my personal life, I have found myself acting mostly on emotional survival and not intuitive instincts. When having to make decisions within my healing practice. I am on point and my intuition is heightened.

It baffles me as to why this is??

Why cant I extend my heightened senses into those areas that have to do with personal choices and decisions?

So this morning as I was lackadaisically going through my emails, I came across this article. For some reason I felt I needed to open it and actually read it  from beginning to end. Which is why I felt the need to share it here on my blog:


How to recognize and read the signs from the Universe..


Signs from the universe are guideposts leading us towards our highest expression and fulfillment in life. The only thing standing between us and accessing and recognizing them on a consistent basis is the ego, which insists on controlling life instead of letting it unfold as our higher selves would have it. This, like anything else, is a learning experience and one that should not be condemned or looked down upon.  As one moves into higher levels of awareness and consciousness, it is naturally transcended.

Learning to recognize and read signs from the universe requires a profound letting go and acceptance of life on its own terms.  We may catch glimpses of this as we learning to do so on a full-time basis.  These moments of divine serendipity and clarity are like proverbial ‘carrots on a stick’ gently leading us forward towards full trust in the incredible, divine, multidimensional perfection of the universe.

Building on that, the article below by Maria Erving will help you move into an even greater depth and awareness of recognizing, reading and ultimately trusting signs from the universe.

– Truth


How To Read The Signs From The Universe

By Maria Erving

A sign from the universe is an inner recognition of truth, it’s Truths speaking to itself in ways that you as an individual can understand and relate to.

It’s a inner knowing.

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It’s only when we involve the mind into the intuitive knowing that confusion arises because the mind can never understand or ‘get’ intuition and true wisdom.

When attempting to consult the mind (asking it for guidance) regarding something it can never know or understand, that’s when we begin to doubt and become fearful.

Only the mind (ego) analyzes and intuition can’t be analyzed.

It’s only to be trusted, and the more you do that, the stronger and clearer it gets.

Respect the signs, acknowledge them, that’s how you develop your trust in your intuition.

It’s only the mind  that wants to make things mean something, often it’s even compulsively trying to put labels on things, call things for this and that, when in reality it’s all completely irrelevant.

Numbers are just numbers for example.

They don’t mean anything else than what your mind  makes them into meaning, and there’s no truth to be found in the thinking mind.

What is relevant is to trust your inner guidance, not so much about what happens outside of you. It’s always about your inner response to whatever shows up that is the true guidance, not the “sign” itself.

You’ll know it’s for you, that’s why static signs (as the belief in meaning of numbers etc) are not reliable.

Sometimes people (or, the mind) ‘make’ things into signs, like the meaning of seeing feathers and black cats crossing the road and so on – when in reality sometimes a rainbow is just a rainbow…

Sometimes people fear that they will have to give up something valuable if they follow their hearts and intuition, because deep down they know that it sometimes requires one to do something that the ego doesn’t like.

The ego is fine following the signs as long as it thinks that following them will make them happy somehow, while Spirit (true self) may guide you in directions that can be challenging and testing at times. (Outside of your comfort zone)

The intuitive guidance is not always leading you on a path that is going to be free of challenges, but it will always have your best interest at heart.

We can’t know its ways, in reality we don’t know what’s best for us, and we’re not given more than one step at a time. It requires trust and sometimes courage too to follow the heart and all the signs that the universe drops for us along the way, like breadcrumbs that we follow along the pathless path.

There’s no end destination, it’s a way of life, an ongoing process that you’ll become one with.

For example;

You may be invited to a party and you don’t feel like going but feel that you somehow ‘should’ anyway. Something pulls you there, so you decide to follow the hunch.

And lo and behold, there you meet someone who will play an important role in your life somehow!

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The mind wants a self-serving REASON to go (“What’s in it for me, what do I get, how will this serve me”), while the heart knows and sees the whole picture.

We can’t make any conclusions about anything because we can’t possibly know or see the whole picture.

Something that may appear as “wrong” usually turns out to be a blessing in disguise later on, and only then do we understand or see what it was all about, so to learn to discern with the heart is vital because sometimes what feels wrong is wrong actually. (Not that anything is “wrong”)  but you know what I mean).

And so you don’t go to the party with expectancy or to consciously look for something or someone, but you remain open and attentive, not in a rigid or evaluating way.

If you start to evaluate you will have lost touch with the intuitive knowing, because now you’re going to the mind for guidance again, so stay open and present. That’s all.

Don’t listen as if you’re going somewhere, as if there was a goal to achieve: not to get something, be free of those things and let it all be on the premises of Life/Truth.

Whatever comes up you’ll know if its for you or not. It will feel right somehow. You will know.

When the sign is fully received and understood, when you feel that inner aha – don’t analyze, but instead start moving in the direction you’re guided towards – don’t ponder too long – decide to trust and simply start walking.

Don’t try to make logical sense out of the signs.

Many times people don’t follow their hearts because oftentimes the guidance doesn’t make sense to the mind and the heart can’t be understood by the mind/logic, and that creates fear within the individual so they don’t go there.

It takes practice and trust to learn to discern with the heart, and to go where you don’t see the next step takes courage, but that’s where our real life is – where the heart leads us.

The mind is not a good leader as it’s driven by fear basically; fear of loosing something or fear of not getting something.

The heart wisdom simply says go there, do that, call her, don’t talk to him” and so on and your role in this is to not ask “why?” because Truth never explains itself.

You only need to trust it.

Never think you made a mistake, never blame yourself if you know that you didn’t listen to the inner voice last month or ten years ago, or feel bad because you didn’t see the signs or because you did but chose to ignore them.

Always be here now – always show up to life Now, completely uncluttered by the past.

Spirit does not care about your so called “mistakes” or if you have come off  your path so to speak, they are only interested  if you’re here right now and if you are, it says “let’s go, this way!”.

Always in the present moment.

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You decide, don’t let the signs themselves decide. (Static “signs” are merely beliefs that you have accepted as “truth”).

Instead listen within, be attentive to things that come your way, conversations you overhear – it’s always about if what you see and hear touches something with you, it’s not about the signs themselves.

Maybe a book comes to your attention several times, people mentioning it a lot, or you start seeing it everywhere until it becomes totally obvious to you that you should read it.

You may even find yourself in a bookstore and that precise book is staring at you from the shelf and you just know, you get the inner aha which will make you smile inwardly.

Only in hindsight can you see the whole string of events and signs that lead you to finally get that book. So is it with all things that comes from and by the heart, we can only see after we have actually taken the step how perfectly everything was orchestrated.

The signs were there for you and they have no meaning at all for others and vice versa.

Signs are not to be ‘believed in’ but to feel resonance with – they need to touch you on a deeper level.

And when they are recognized within you, say “Thank you, and keep showing me, keep talking to me God”.

If you feel that it’s difficult to hear and see clearly simply ask for more clarity.

A simple heartfelt prayer like; “Please be more clear God, make sure I really get the message” is enough, and then let go.

Trust that God will show you what you need to see in perfect timing.

So I really hope that you enjoyed this article in the way I did and I hope it helps. Although I do believe very much in static signs, feathers and more recently ~ a particular song that seems to play every time I’m driving, ever since a very close friends death and it makes perfect sense to me that it would be her. However, I am guessing the difference is that its not something I think about when receiving them, I just know and that where intuition is at play.

Perhaps my personal intuitive guidance does work as it lead me to this article…. And perhaps you too.

Love, Joy and Happiness.



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