More Spiritual Meanings For The Month Of March

The month of march reminds us to take action on our thoughts and inspirations. A time of advancement and forward movement propelling us into the future.

Decisions made in the month of march will have fortitude and distance, so make sure your decisions are for the highest good of all around you. If accomplished, outcomes from decisions develop a favorable energy.

ALSO, The spiritual energy of march can sometimes play havoc with relationships of all kinds. If the friendships or relationships have strong foundations and truth is spoken – communication will prevail.
Healing issues and problems on an emotional level this month: Keep in mind, if things are on shaky ground, march could mark the end of some relationships.

But keep in mind, this usually indicates growth and movement on a spiritual level and so giving way to better brighter relationships and circumstances – which is a great thing in the long run.

Love Kathy
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