February’s Animal Totem: The Otter:


In General Otters take play time very seriously.
Having fun is the meaning of her life.

In Otter’s world all beings are playful until proven un-playful and her medicine is a spontaneous celebration and an eagerness to applaud others.

She offers lessons in collective cooperation and there is no leader in a holt of otters. All differences are welcome as fascinating curiosities and competition is viewed as two players playing their best game.

This medicine teaches us to seek worthy playmates whose skills will improve our own.

So serious is Otter’s need to play, that finding time for playing is like finding time for eating. Fun is a life imperative, not a luxury.

If unhappiness has lodged itself into your life for more than a week, it is urgent that you go find something you enjoy. All the complications will sort themselves out when you turn off the brain and get in the water.

The otter also symbolizes strong family bonds, adaptability, maternal instincts, playfulness, and being good natured.
They are monogamous creatures who mate for life.

Otters frolic in the water and play, but they are also skillful hunters and require a great deal of food to survive.

They are equally comfortable and agile in the water and on land, symbolizing adaptability.

When we are graced by Otter’s energy, It is time to allow yourself the freedom and pleasure of relaxing and letting go of all your daily concerns. The power of otter is in the knowing that you have to take care of yourself first in order to be of use to others.

Go with the natural flow and ebbs and tides of your life and find joy and wonder in the small things that give you pleasure as an adult and that gave you pleasure as a child.

He also reminds us that universal acceptance of “what is” in your life is the only way for you to move forward. This form of embracing the good with the bad and seeking out the joy of the moment will manifest a new freedom of love and acceptance. Honor the right of everything and everyone to be as they are.

**** Simply allow things to unfold in your life.*****

Additional Associations for Otter…

Woman’s healing wisdom
Loving Memories
Love of the Young
Sensibility without suspicion
Guidance in unmasking talents
Psychic awareness
Life can be fun with the right attitude
Recovery issues
Understanding the value of playtime

Otters message for us:

* Go play for no reason other than because it is fun.
* Find the friendships that are eager to make a game of life’s challenge and watch each others backs.
* Devote yourself to the church of fun and trust that your true self will always guide you into greater health, greater joy and larger fields to play.

Love Kathy
Balance for Life: Mind, Body & Soul Healing


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