The Session:

As I began, the first thing I heard were the words Mount Shasta.

I was lead to work always from the center outward and upward. The first part of the session was clearing the spaces between the spaces within the energetic body. They called it the Great Clearing and the following channeled message was given:

“ The separation of colors no longer exist as the process of the rays of light merging begins. The Great Clearing of all channels is currently in progress and the streaming of all prismatic colors interweave, merge and come together to stream light throughout each souls existence here upon the earth. This merging of the rays of light, contained within each and every vessel is now being called to flow outward into the ethers.”

After they cleared, they began to fill and heal the spaces and any space that was void of light.

My hands were also guided outward as if they were expanding the field of energy and clearing the entrance and exiting points at the base of the spine and the top of the crown and then out past these areas.

They also had me do alot of spiraling and circling upward, above the center of the grid, where the medallion was placed, up toward the sky. I felt like they were restructuring, and repairing the DNA and Universal BluePrint.

Next, The Painting, was used in the Activation of the full spectrum of light of all colors and this message was given as I was painting:

“ The merging of the rays is now in process. You will no longer be operating in separation of color. The Full Spectrum will now begin to stream.” They called it the Becoming, where all the rays of light simultaneously stream through, allowing our vessel ( column of light I’m thinking is what they were referring to ) are able to hold the vibration of them all now.

Note: The room that I was working in was extremely dark, so I did not know which colors they were choosing and when.

The entire session went on for atleast 90 minutes, maybe longer and I was told that the healing and activation would be available limitlessly, with no expiration. The painting I am thinking was created to allow continual activation and the Merging of the vibrations of the Color Rays- Something I have no knowledge about nor have I read about it.

My Holy @#$##!! moment and acknowledgement regarding all the above was when I was surfing on the net, trying to look for an image for this note on or about 1/3, when I came across the one I chose for this Reading. When I saw it, I thought to myself- that kind of looks like my painting. When I clicked on it, it brought me to a website, that I cant even find now.. because I wanted to include the link here, and immediately everything that had occurred somewhat came together.

Immediately after the painting phase, my attention went over to the divination cards.

The Cards I chose, which were picked directly after the session, in this case, the painting were:

Rhodochrosite ( Child Within ) and Sugilite ( Dreams ), both from the Crystal Ally Card Deck/Book set: pgs 135 and 235, respectively, for those of you that have the book.

The other deck was not utilized.

Once I chose the cards, I don’t look at them and place them in the pile with all the other information, book(s), chanelling’s and papers. I place it all on the side and do not look or go back to any of it until I am given some kind of acknowledgement, more understanding, and not before. I also separate myself from any thing that may interfere with, disrupt or influence the direction. And I just wait. Once I feel that I have received enough information atleast to begin, through guidance, all the pieces of understanding and I am ready to put it all together, that is the moment when I begin to read through it all and write it up.

Rhodochrosite: a pink ray stone, and a powerful heart healer and is connecte to the heart and will. This stones frequencies resonate with the child within, experiencing lessons of total surrender to a higher power… Associated with Solar Plexus and Heart.

It’s Message: Go within and clear your energy of old trauma, and wounds that no longer serve you, so you can begin again with the innocence and purity of a child. Allow the energy of this stone to soothe, comfort and aid you in your healing.

Sugilite: An opaque stone, ranging in color from lavender to purple/black, initiates the higher mind, encouraging direct communion with the Divine. This stone aids in remembering one’s Divine Purpose and when we choose to become incarnate, we brin with us a certain set of frequencies that generate specific situations from which we learn the lessons that we have chosen. Sugilite encourages one to access these frequencies and discover our higher purpose. Associated with the Crown

It’s Message: Open you heart and your life to make room for your dream to take root, the Universe will send the appropriate experiences and opportunities your way.

NOTE: Although each of these cards/meanings have more to say, I only posted that which I feel has the most significance to this particular reading.

Please check back tomorrow for Page 3 of the 2017 Collective Reading.

Love, Kathy, @balanceforlifehealing



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