This reading was realized and written in accordance with the Collective LD Healing which was implemented, set up and sent out on December 31st, 2016 at 6pm EST. This Energy Healing was set up so that those who could not be present for it in “real time”, could call it in at anytime there after and it has been made available limitlessly ( Meaning: it can be called in more than once ) with no expiration date for transmission and reception.

This years Collective Healing and Reading was very different than las year, having many facets and sections to it. I will do my best to present all the pieces as clearly and as organized as possible, without compromising it’s unfoldment or unflowering of Divine Information and implementation, which is always perfect in Universal design, whether our Human ego self sees it initially or not.

Part 1:
The Days Leading up to the actual healing session:

1) The Following Channeled Message came in on or around December 27th/28th, 2016 and is written exactly as it came in.

“The Great Awakening”

Hello My Dearest loves of Light

The Great Awakening is upon –

Have you listened to the Universal Powers this past year?
Have you ebbed and flowed with the energies and allowed those situations and persons to softly and gently fall away, like the cycle of Autumn as the leaves natural and, in accordance with the Autumnal cycles , naturally dis-attach and fall away from the sturdy branches of the trees, to allow the new growth room and space to gestate and bud?

Let us be clear and create clarity.
A birth or re- birth this is not-
Let us explain more definitively

Birth is the creation of something that is not here, not in existence.
and re- birth is the ignition of something that has laid in dormancy for many years, lives and on-

What is Awakening is that which is already here, that which is already in existence, that which has been subtly alive and well within you. Small pockets of this, that which you already are, have been – over the year, years, lifetimes- has made appearances- small or large appearances- it need not matter or make any differences. These, that which you already are, small pockets of air that released here and there are now beginning to increase inside energetically and are read to become the next phase- of NOT who you will be- but who you already are, but fully- that which already lives…

If you have done your internal inner workings, it will emerge fully- overtime-

The Great Awakening is who you are called to be in this next phase- It is now time to begin to fully step in to this “you”-

You have had many Great Awakenings, through your lives, many re- incarnations within this, your human life- Look back, review-see them-embrace them-

Each one, giving you the necessary lessons, tools, education needed to allow you the space, growth, healing, wisdom to step in to the next Great Awakening- All Divinely scheduled, planned, orchestrated by the Creator, by the Soul-Self, by the original light that you are, always have been, always will be.

It is the next chapter, if you will, in your Akashic book of life- this life, as we continue to move the planet into it’s full light.

So this Great Awakening- begins by returning back to the womb space, in to stillness, quiet contemplation. There is nothing for you to do, to plan, to orchestrate- As this would only delay what already is, what already is here. Surrendering is key-

Just be Just be just be

So we, in co-ordinance with the Divine Order, aligning our hearts fully with the Awakenings, the Planetary Shift- which is occurring which always comes when the Awakenings occur, Welcome you back, Welcome you fully as you fully return to this, who you are and always were- but in this life, this dimension, this earthly plane and planned Divinity.

How exactly, this who you already are will be utilized with in the necessity of the needs of the Universal Realms, will be revealed over time. This is why, Dear Souls, it is of utmost importance that we once again stress in this transmittance that you just be. Do not direct, do not plan or force that which your ego human self thinks it must do or go-

We will lead you, guide you, bring you-

Remain in stillness

follow the natural ebbs and flows
like the tides of gentle waves- flowing in and out
Allow the rhythms of the Universe to reveal the lighted path
You will know. You will see it
Just be, Just be, just be-
Now place your hand upon your hearts and feel the Universal love flow through as human proof ( as we understand this )
that all that we have said is true testament and the will of Universal Divine Truth and order.
And as you place a hand upon your heart and feel your heart beat, know it is our hand and the rhythmical beating of the Universe that you are aligned with, that you are a part of

Beating heart of 1 consciousness-

Breath in to this
remember the feeling
remember this feeling and just be, just be, just be-

the light, in the light
of the light
– We thank you and love you-

The Prismatic Lights of the Universal Planetary Federations

Part 2: The Day of: December 31st, 2016

The entire day was used to prepare for the healing session itself. And although I do straighten and organize the space/ room that I do it in, Spirit had me clean the entire space- completely, physically, energetically as well as a light consecration.

They also had me running to the art store to pick up paint, good brushes and a paint board.

The next thing I was lead to do, as is always the case when I am going to perform a LD Healing, is to pick a deck ( or 2 ) of divination cards. Also from time to time I am called towards one of the books that I have and just open a page _ which is exactly what happened.

The Decks that I choose:
1. The Crystal Alley Cards, by Naisha Ahsian
2. Gaia Healing deck

and the book that I surprisingly pulled out of my book shelf was: Telos Vol 2 : Messages for the Enlightenment of a Humanity in Transformation. I have NEVER opened this book or the other volumes in this series and had no idea what they were about. Which I found to be very interesting.

The message on the page, in bold type, said the following:
” The next ten years will be the most important and crucial years we have ever lived on this planet. They will determine what we will become and where we will go in our cosmic future”.

This is in connection to the Blue Ray/flame – The Ray of the Will of God

The Room and Grid Set up












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