Hello Beautiful Souls!

Here is the Reading that came in-conjunction with the Long Distance Collective Healing.

Prior to Real Time Healing:

As soon as I posted the time for the Long Distance Healing ( about about an hour prior ) and began to set up my very simple grid, the energy began to stream through me. It was so intriguingly powerful, my entire body was vibrating & shaking.. Quite incredible, I have to admit. As the start time neared, the energies became more & more intense.

I kept hearing the words, “ Solar Plexus”. This is one of our energy centers ( chakra’s ) which is located at the very end of the ziphoid process of the sternum. It represents our strength, power & how we view ourselves.

Part 1: Prior to beginning, I was lead to channel the following message:
“The winds of change are here, dear ones ~ You have hoped for a shift in your lives and you are now there..
Embrace it ( them ) with strength and courage, step ahead and move forward – do not hesitate.
As you all move forward into 5th dimensional energetic states of being, there is no room for fear, anxiety.. only love and happiness, trust and fearlessness.

The oyster is about to open, only to reveal the most lustrous pearl of luminescent blue –

Speak out, reveal your deepest desires-they are there waiting for you-step into your truths, your happiness, your alignment-the path has been cleared.

Step forward, step into the life you only dreamed of. Your dreams are now a reality- they are real, they are here- you deserve them-live in them now.
Embrace them now, they are real, they are real, they are real-
2016 is embodied with a golden light of Leo/Jupiter abundance. Step out of your cocoons, step into your wings, like a butterfly. Transform into your truest states of being, fly into the winds of change and allow them to take you to your truest, most authentic life.
Step out of the fear and fly, fly, fly.
Be not afraid, We are here, directing you, with you, loving you. Allow us to love you-allow us to embrace you and to guide you.
Be not afraid, be not afraid, be not afraid… to remember..”

– The Committee of Light, Love & Miracles –

Part 2:
I was also called to pick a card, again, prior to the healing. I was lead to use, Doreen Virtue’s, Magical Mermaids and Dolphins Deck. This was a deck that I have had for a few years and never felt called to use it ( wrapper still on ), up until this particular moment.

The card that was chosen was, “ Dream Big” – no surprise here. When I picked it out of the pile, I couldn’t help my my growing smile.
These cards never lie..lol

This is what the card had to say,

“In the past, you may have seen yourself as insignificant. This card asks you to release any thoughts or feelings of inferiority. Truly believe that you are utterly qualified for any endeavor you can dream about!
Write down a list of your fears about moving forward, and then write down those fears and place the paper into a bucket or large bowl of water. Then take a cleansing shower, bath, or swim. The water seals your new way of seeing yourself… as you are in truth: an equal to all other children of God.

Part 3:
I also like to scroll through Doreen Virtue’s book, “ Archangels & Ascended Masters “ and see which Being of Light is supporting and working with us directly. I highly recommend this book. It was my first book that I had ever got and I have used it many times as part of my healing sessions.. I like it because it also gives you an affirmation or invocation to call in this entity directly, for help and healing- I have used it many times for myself as well..
Pg 165 ( For those who already have the book in hand )

Sanat Kumara – Once again, no surprise that this falls in line with the rest of what I have written.
Please note: As I am writing this report up, it is the first time I am reading any of this..
Sanat Kumara, is a warrior God, devoted to ridding people and the earth of negative entities and lower energies. Power is his focus, power for one and for all.. redelivering personal power to people everywhere, direct from the Great source of all.

Invocation, “ Sanat Kumara, please bring me your powerful energy to uplift my spirit and vitality. Please help me rise above negative thoughts and emotions, like a bird above dark clouds. I ask your assistance in tapping me in to the true and eternal Source of all energy. Please clear away lower spirits and energies from within and around me, and infuse me with Divine healing light.”

After the invocation, breath in deeply while Kumara does his work.

Part 4:







DURING the Healing: As already mentioned above, I felt an intense & powerful energy already beginning to channel through me, about 60 minutes before I officially began. And as the time became closer, it only became more intense and stronger.

The first 8 minutes I was overcome with a high intensity of emotions, and both of my eyes were tearing.. It felt like an overwhelming emotion of sadness.. masked with hope.

Then just like that it stopped. They focused most of the energy to the collective toward the heart ( high and low ) solar plexus and the throat. And again, respectively, 1) The Heart: Our emotional Center, 2) The Solar Plexus, : Our Personal Power and 3) The Throat, The area of manifestation.

Even after the healing was over I felt unsettled for a day or so, and I woke up the next day with a song in my head, one I have not hear since I was a child during a time when I was very involved with the Youth Ministry within the church I grew up going to.

Although I am not sure exactly what the name of it is, the refrain that I kept hearing over and over, ( And I still am ) is: “ Be not Afraid….”.
Its a beautiful song and I actually went on you tube and found it.. This particular version is alittle “churchy” sounding..

Listen and pay close attention to the words up until 1:36, as the video paused there when I was listening to it.

In Conclusion:
Everything within this reading signifies BIG changes, but only if we are willing to be strong and work through the fears that we hold onto. This fear is more based on allowing our True Self to Emerge, knowing that if we do, our life will not resemble anything it is today in the future. This can be extremely scary, as we tend to become comfortable with our lives, especially if we have been working toward certain goals within them and we are starting to see the bloom of the rose open..

I know for myself, in three years time, ( or maybe sooner ) my life will not resemble anything that it is now… That is VERY scary to me.. But the unknown is VERY scary. My comfort zone is, well just that, comfortable.

So surrender and have faith that you are being guided and looked after. Do not resist or hold on to those things that somewhere in the back of your head you already know are not working or is not serving you. By doing so you will hold back or delay your movement forward.

Commit to just listening to the subtle sounds of spirit and move forward fearlessly. Breath through any anxiety that my be brewing within, as these stirrings are just the Divine creating movement within you, when you, yourself are hesitating to move away and forward on your path.

1. Meditate

Example: To strengthen the Solar Plexus Chakra

2. Placing the following gems on the appropriate chakras, to balance and fortify:

Rose Quartz, Tiger Eye, Sodalite, Clear Quartz

3. Breathwork


4. Daily Affirmations such as,” I live my life each day in strength and I embrace my soul’s true path. I know that when it is time to for me to leave behind that which is comfortable and that which I am familiar with, I will do so with ease, grace, love and faith. For my plan is much bigger than I am able to fathom. Thank you I am forever grateful”

In Closing:

I hope you enjoyed each aspect of this 2016 Collective healing & Reading and that it has resonated with you on some level.

I have plans to offer another sometime in Feb or March, so stay tuned and check back.

May the abundance of 2016 touch all of you with much happiness and peace!

Love, Katherine Mongiello



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