Most people want to increase their intuitive skills, but few know how to do so. I’d like to share a technique that I have found that has worked for many people.

One of the first things to consider when wanting to increase your intuition is your style of communication. Most folks consider psychics to all be clairvoyant or people who can see images in their mind. Although this may be true for some, it is not true for all. Some psychics are clairaudient meaning they hear the information they seek. Others are clairsentient meaning that they can feel things in the body. Many just know information; they are claircognizant. An easy way to determine which type you may be, or what combination of these types you are, is to analyze how you communicate with others and receive information on an intuitive level.


  • Are you someone who uses the word “see,” “look,” or “picture this” when trying to describe something?
  • Do you draw diagrams or pictures to explain things?
  • Are you able to receive messages in your dreams?
  • Do you need things to “look” right?
  • Are colors important to you?
  • Are directions easy once you know the landmarks?


  • Do loud noises bother you?
  • Can you imagine colors through sounds? Are you constantly changing the volume on your electronics?
  • Can you detect lies in people’s voices?
  • Do you hear messages in people’s conversations that relate to something you are thinking about?
  • Does a song that reminds you of someone pop up when you are thinking of them?
  • Is the music in movies just as important to you as the storylines?


  • Are you someone who says “I feel it in my gut?”
  • Do you use the words “feel” or “empathize” when communicating with others?
  • Does your body ache when encountering certain people or situations?
  • Do you get physically ill after an emotional encounter?


  • Do you know what someone is going to say without them saying it?
  • When people are speaking, do you not have to listen to the content because you already know where the conversation is leading?
  • Are you aware of outcomes (like elections) before they happen without any prior knowledge of the subject?
  • Can you tell who is on the telephone before answering it?
  • Do you know what someone is wearing without discussing it with them?

If you answered yes to many of the questions in any category, there is a strong likelihood you are predominantly that clair.

Some of you may find that you receive information in all the different ways listed above. This is normal and you may notice that there are times that one psychic sense is stronger than another. The key is to build whatever you are strongest at first (or whichever is most prominent at the moment), then work on improving the rest.

The biggest obstacle for most people in raising their intuition is trusting the messages they are receiving. Although something out of the norm is happening, many people don’t give it a second thought. For this reason, before improving any of your gifts, purchase a small notebook where you can write down all of your impressions. This will be your “psychic log.” Carry it with you everywhere and when something hits you, write it down. For example, if you wake up with a song in your head, write it down. You may find that the song reminded you of someone in school and later on in the day you may have met someone who talked about the person you had thought of. If you see a billboard with a message that pertains to you, write it down. You may find that it is the first of many times that you will see the same message. If you go into a meeting and your gut is bothering you, jot it down. As the meeting progresses you may find out that you now have additional unplanned work to do. You may find that you know something about someone before seeing them that day. Make sure you note this occurrence as well. After you have started writing things down, you will have a physical log showing you all the times you were aware of psychic information being transmitted. It will help you become aware of these messages.

Secondly, get a book on symbols/symbolism or dreams. Dream language is symbolic as is many of the intuitive hits that you will get. You will need to be able to look up a lot of the symbols you encounter. Having this type of book readily available will assist in developing your symbolic vocabulary. Dream dictionaries online are also a good source of information.

Now, you can start developing each skill. Take 10 minutes out of your day to sit quietly and ask a question. I am not asking anyone to meditate. I find that practice extremely difficult, and for many it is an almost impossible task. All you need to do is sit, breathe, and focus on a topic you want to gain more insight about. You don’t have to go at a certain pace or visualize anything. You just inhale and exhale at your regular rate. The idea of sitting down and just being still may be daunting for quite a few of you. If it is, just start out with three minutes, work up to five, and then gradually increase it to ten. What you eventually want to do is to train yourself to become aware of psychic communication. You can use your psychic log for this exercise.

Many people may receive psychic messages through sight. Once you have started breathing at a regular pace, ask yourself if there are any odd images popping into your head. You may be worried about work and start seeing a skunk. Do you see anything unusual in the images floating through your mind? Are you seeing people or places that are not familiar to you? For some the information will come to you when you open your eyes. Once your eyes are open, stop at the first thing you see. Write it down in full detail. For example, if you are in your living room and the first thing that you see is a table, write down every detail you can about the table. Jot down the physical description (old, new, color, style, surface, material, where you got it, associations with it, etc…) After you have written things down from either exercise you can see if there is information that my help you with your query. Let’s say that you asked about your future with a job. The first thing you noticed was a rug. The rug is worn in spots, has lost its color and is becoming threadbare. This rug may be telling you that your opportunities with your company may be coming to an end and you may want to look elsewhere. If you see a beautiful new rug with lots of curves and designs, there may be another direction that you may want to pursue in your current company. If what you focus on is the color, check out the meaning of colors in your dream book and how that may pertain to your inquiry.

Now for those of you, who receive messages through hearing; listen to every noise around you. Focus on one sound at a time. If you have a tendency to forget things, write each noise as you hear it. Do you hear a plane, car alarm, birds, squirrels, wind, or rain? Do you hear conversations? Do you hear creaking floor boards or doors closing? Some of you may even hear a voice. Write everything down. After noting details, ask yourself if these are sounds you hear every day, or does one not seem to belong. For example, if your question was regarding your car and you heard car alarms on a normally quiet street, it could be telling you to check out your car for some possible malfunction. It is raising warning bells. If you hear children playing, perhaps you need to bring some fun into the subject matter of your question. Try to do this for 10 minutes every day.

If you receive information through your body, you may want to write down how your body feels during the 10 minute exercise. Are you feeling unease anywhere? Is your body cramping in one spot? Are your fingers cold, do your ears hurt? Each area of the body has something to say about your query. If you asked about your job, is your body tight or is it relaxed? Did you start getting pressure inside your head? All of these are clues that something isn’t right. If you asked about a possible love interest, did your muscles cramp up? Did your extremities get cold or did you feel warm inside? These are clues to getting a new perspective about your question.

If your psychic abilities lie in just knowing things, during these 10 minutes of breathing allow the message to pop in. It may also facilitate the answers coming to you during the rest of the day. For those of you who are claircognizant, the information you seek just needs to find an outlet and that is what the 10 minutes expedites. Write anything that comes to you during the exercise. It may be the clue that triggers your answer. Write everything down. Although you may not receive your answer immediately, you could wake up the next day with the information you need. What you are doing is training yourself to listen, feel, and recognize messages. The more often you do this, the easier it will be to pick up messages from your environment. Try this experiment from various locations and at various times. No matter where you do it, you will find that you still receive intuitive information.

The most important aspect of being an intuitive is to be aware of everything and not ignore or dismiss something. There are no coincidences in the world of a psychic and everything needs to be treated as a possible message. You are a detective jotting down clues and then putting them together to get a better idea or clearer picture of what you need to know. It does take 10 minutes a day to start developing this new insight, but just think of the rewards of being able to trust your decision making capabilities and much easier it will make your life.

~ Lourdes LeBron


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