The traditional stone for those born under the Libra star sign is Peridot. Peridot’s colors include lime green, yellow green, and olive green. The most green stones are called Peridot while the yellow green is chrysolite and olive green is olivine. This stone is also know to be a “Study Stone.” It is also a dispeller strengthened crystal.

Peridot is now used as a healing stone. It’s very effective in balancing the energy of the Heart Chakra. This stone also aids seeking for wisdom to help us become more understanding. It is highly recommended to use this particular stone if you have been through a rough and emotional path. If you use this stone, it could help mend the past emotional wounds and move on from sulking in depression or hiding from happiness.

Jade is another traditional stone for Libra. It comes in two forms, Jadeite and Nephrite. They are similar in appearance but have different composition. Since Jadeite has brilliant colors it is thought to be the real Jade. This stone also happens to be a symbol of love. Some people give their lovers this stone to show their devotion. When Jade is being used it helps bring you wisdom and balance. Black Jade protects from negative energies and helps keeps the peace of mind.

Aventurine not only represents Virgoians but also Librans. They are also known as “The Stone of Opportunity”. Aventurine can be either opaque or translucent. The color of this stone ranges from green to peach, blue, and brown. It is also a talisman of luck. When using this stone it reduces stress, build strong confidence, and improves creativity. If you gamble a lot be sure to keep an Aventurine in your left pocket for good luck.

Tourmaline is yet another stone that is traditional for a Libran. Their colors ranges from pink, dark pink, black, blue, green, watermelon, brown, to yellow. This stone can help you break through stress, depression, and anxiety.

Pink Tourmaline helps aiding in recovering from abuse and brings you deep comfort with love.

Black Tourmaline is a protection stone and fights negative energies.

Blue and green Tourmaline both enhance your life energy. Rubellite and watermelon Tourmaline represent love, compassion, and emotional balance. Brown Tourmaline encourages stability.

Lastly, yellow Tourmaline enhances spiritual awareness.

As one born under the sun sign of Libra, you have quite a few choices about which crystals are really right for you. We suggest you first think of your favorite color, then find one of the stones discussed above that comes in that color. That is your stone!


Article from Crystal Vaults


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