Sacred Trees for March

The Ash Tree:

It’s highly prized tree for its resilience, and that kind of resilience translates well in the month of March. The wood of the ash is incredibly strong, and has been used to create all manner of helpful tools and sacred items. From baseball bats to magic wands, spears and bows to besom handles – the ash gives humans a sense of industry – while remaining flexible to work with the will of man. The Yggdrasil is reputed to be an ash…it’s an epic ancient Norse tree conveying the connective qualities of metaphysicality (connections between mundane and heavenly). We get a sense of determined strength combined with a deeper wisdom when we research the symbolism of the ash. It is also a ravenous grower – give it room and light and it will reforest an area with remarkable expedience. Ash offers a message: “Identify your points of strength and use these aspects to the utmost. Do not relinquish to your shortcomings, rather bend with them to create the most advantageous.


The Alder

March, as already observed, is a potentially raucous month – filled with transition as the land pries itself from the “death” grip of Winter. Alder is a protective tree in a time of deep transition. It reminds us to remain flexible and also prepare for upcoming change while also retaining a level of adamancy about our personal expectations in life. How am I coming up with this? Well, two reasons. Alder grows in watery environments – symbolic of change, emotion, movement and flux. Alder is also commonly known to produce multiple trunks – many bodies within one body. This is symbolic of garnering strength from more than one foundation in our lives. Alder asks us to identify our core allegiances within key areas of life (like: Family, Love, Money, Health, Spirituality, Mind, etc.) Once identified, alder protects these honorable aspects and encourages transitional growth in each area.

katherine Mongiello


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