As we begin our journey into the energies of Gemini, all of us can tap into the specific characteristics of this sign to help us move forward, to watch out for negative traits and to capitalize on its positive beautiful energetic traits…

Gemini Characteristics

Witty and intellectual
Youthful and lively
Nervous and tense
Superficial and inconsistent
Cunning and inquisitive

Positive Qualities of Gemini

Geminis always tend to think logically. They are the most rational people and very fast thinker. Their minds will never be at rest. Mercury, their ruling planet, makes them sound and considerate when it comes to emotional matters. Geminis are always into excessive mental activities. Anything new they come across becomes a subject of research and knowledge for them.

Negative Qualities of Gemini

Gemini men and women sometimes tend to make simple things complex. This nature of theirs makes life very unpredictable. Sometimes it’s also very difficult for one to understand what kind of a person they originally are. Geminis are also very superficial in nature, which may end up creating huge misunderstanding for them. They also have a “Mr. Know-All” attitude. With little knowledge on many things, they pretend to know it all.

Gemini Personality Traits

Dual Nature: You can never predict the mood of a Gemini. They go through tremendous mood swings and have multiple personality traits. No one can predict their way of reacting to any given situation.

Multi-talented: They are the most versatile people you would find around. They are capable of handling multiple things at a time. The multi tasking quality of the Geminis helps them indulge into many things and balance between them all. They are best at keeping cool while handling many things at a time.

Envious Commitment: Most of the time it would be very difficult to find a committed Gemini. They love to flirt around and would avoid going near to anywhere, where they would have to commit. They do not want to take relationships seriously. The superficial side of the Geminis forces them to think that flirting is east but commitment is way difficult for them.

Experimental: Geminis love to experiment with their life all the time. They would give in to anything that is new. Be it food, clothes, or a new adventure, they are ever ready to take a plunge. This makes them very interesting person to spend time with.
Adaptable: Flexibility is something that defines a Gemini very vividly. They adapt to or accept any given situation.

Gemini Strengths

The strengths of Geminis distinguish them from the other signs of the zodiac chart. Geminis are the most spirited people. Their energy is so contagious that others would be quick to note it. Geminis are also recognized for their witty comments. They are clever and quick to recognize a problem in a situation, which make them great problem solvers. They are likely to come up with a solution to a problem before others.

Following are the strengths of Geminis.
Gemini Weaknesses

Geminis are known to be inconsistent in whatever they do. It is their changeable character that makes them difficult for other people to understand. Geminis are also known to move on quickly and often don’t carry baggage from the past, which can make people think that they are insensitive. Their changeable nature may especially create problems in romantic relation with Gemini. Geminis often lack in depth. They can also harbor envy and suspicion in their little minds even against the people close to them.

Some of the weaknesses of Geminis include:

Perhaps we all need to be more flexible, social and exercise our throat chakras more during this sign of duality.. This is the energy that will help us all to push forward.. as long as we remain in the realms of reality and hold back from overly exaggerated thoughts, feelings and responses….

Call upon your 2 angels residing within you to work in unison, in balance & in healing..

Much Love & Namaste,

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