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Symbolic Meaning For The Month Of April

 Aprilis comes from the Roman calendar, later becoming, what we now call this month – April. 

Treasured as a sacred month April is the celebration of the goddess Venus.

The word April also comes from the Latin word aperire meaning “to open,” referring to the spring season, blossoming of the flowers, trees, and leaves. 

The ancient Ogham tree spirits of Alder and Willow watch over the month of April, offering spiritual wisdom and constraint from negative thinking.


April 1 also  marks all fool’s day, precisely 13 weeks from New Year’s Day and an an occult significance is attached to this day. The number thirteen marks the sign of the rebellion.

Spiritually speaking, April is the time to reset our goals for the year ahead, fine tune them and re-establish our motivation towards those goals.

Think back to the beginning of the year, what were your goals ? 

Are you working your way towards those goals?

With psychic energy in abundance throughout the month of April, it is the ideal time to take up a meditation practice for the purpose of healthier living and raising ones consciousness.

 April is the month to go for those things you want, to push forward and strive.

The birthstone for the month of April is the diamond, which amplify the thoughts of the wearer, helping those thoughts become actions.

This month also holds the numerological vibration of the number four, which is ruled and influenced by the shimmering energy of the planet mercury. 

Four has the element earth and the tarot card – the emperor- is the talisman, providing justice. 

Check back tomorrow for more details about Aprils symbolisms.

Love, Kathy 

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