Swedish Massage

30 min for $40 | 60 min for $65 | 90 min for $95 Add: CBD Oil for $15 | Essential Oil for $10

Swedish Massage is one of the most widely practiced massage modalities offered worldwide.

Considered to be “The Classic Massage”, it has shown to lower blood pressure, improve mood disorders, help with pain reduction, increase blood circulation, helps to move and eliminate toxic buildup and reduce symptoms of general anxiety.

The main goal of a Swedish massage is relaxation, calming the body & mind, reduce stress and lightly release muscular tension.

The licensed therapist applies a combination of firm, long, fluid light/medium pressured strokes to relax the superficial muscles and tissues, as well as, increase blood flow to the heart.

Heat therapy for the back is also included in this session.

If you are experiencing a specific muscular issue which requires the deeper tissues to be addressed and stretched, please see Deep Tissue Massage.

Note: The evening after your treatment we recommend that adequate amounts of water are consumed, and rigorous workouts are rescheduled for the next two days.

If pregnant, please be in your 2nd trimester.


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