Deep Tissue Thermal Therapy

90 min for $135

This service is one of our most popular treatments. Highly effective in not only stimulating and invigorating muscles but also for releasing tension and fatigue to taut muscles and joints .

This specialized session involves the combination of both Swedish and Deep tissue massage modalities, by using deep, flowing and focused techniques and applying hot towel compresses soaked in Epsom salt and lavender essential oil to further treat not only the muscles of the body, but the mind and soul.

The goal for this session is to relax the mind and soften muscle tissue and disperse toxins.

Epsom salt contains sulfates which help draw out toxins and heavy metals from the body, promote good skin, joint, and nervous system tissue, which also helps improve overall health and a general feeling of wellness. Epsom salt also reduces pain caused by inflammation.

Lavender essential oil has an extremely sedating effect on the nervous system and muscles of the body, promoting deep relaxation and reducing stress and anxiety.

It is recommended that water intake is increased for the next few days as well as refraining from heavy workouts if possible, to allow the body to heal replenish and rejuvenate.


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