Crystal Womb Reiki Healing

60 mins for $80


Connect & Heal to the power of the Ancient Divine Mother in this extremely powerful Healing

Promoting harmony & re-alignment for the Body, Mind & Soul.

Womb Reiki is a specific energetic frequency, in which the major & minor energy meridians and specific energetic womb centers are the main focus for this specialized healing session.

Crystals and crystal womb grids are utilized to assist during the session to raise the vibrational frequency.

Our wombs are the feminine creative center of power, the connection to our Divine Feminine Ancestor Lineage and the first Sacred Mother, in which all woman are connected to in oneness.

Benefits Include:
  • Dissipates & dispels negative energy,
  • Awakens  & re-vitalizes Sensuality,
  • Enhances & increases one’s Creative Energies,
  • Releases energetic blockages within the Womb Center which may be creating dis-ease,
  • Creates balance within the Reproductive Organs, Uterus, Ovaries & Fallopian Tubes.
  • Harmonizes the womb with the rest of the Chakras within the body,
  • Assists with past Traumas to the Womb Energetically including: C-Sections, Hysterectomies, Abortion, Mis-Carriages
  • Helps with menstrual difficulties, preparing the vessel for fertility, and helps restore the sacredness of the feminine temple during postpartum and the trauma of the temple during the birth journey.

Crystal Womb Reiki also assists with emotional releases, bringing up past self limiting beliefs and hurts, clearing & gaining clarity regarding past traumatic experiences and events and supports us in letting go of past partners in preparation for new love.

This powerful session promotes healing & balance in the sacral chakra center by clearing and releasing stagnant energies. The shifting of the uterus into proper alignment has occurred during this treatment.

Flourish in your feminine power, fertility, joy, creativity, and abundance.

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