Biomagnetic Sports Ortho Cupping

60 min for $125 Add: CBD Oil for $15 | Essential Oil for $10

Cupping is one of the oldest practiced medical treatment in human history and has been used in Ancient Cultures such as African Asian, & the Pacific Island Tribes.

Cupping Therapy was popularized in Egypt, dating back 3,500 years ago and evidence showed it was used in Traditional Chinese Medicine, 1000 years ago.

Bio magnetic therapy is the application of magnetic fields to the body to aid in the decrease of pain/pain management and areas of chronic pain. All body tissues respond extremely well to magnetic therapy, including bone and nerve tissues.

This session specifically treats:

Full Back, Glute/Leg, Neck/Shoulder protocols

Benefits also include:

  • Increased Cellular Oxygen
  • Reduction of Fluid Retention & Inflammation
  • Relieves & Stops Pain
  • Helps decrease Nerve Pain
  • Increase Blood Flow to areas of dysfunction
  • Increases ROM

And can assist with many other specific conditions ( Hip, Low Back, Knee, Shoulder/Neck, ect;)

In this specific therapy, the utilization of the ‘Kangzhu Cups’ will be the main tool, some pinpoint stretching, lymphatic drainage, light circulatory massage and manual traction.

General Cupping Contraindications include:

Burns, acute conditions, direct application to inflamed areas, fractures, tendon ruptures, ligament tears/sprains, hernias, dislocations

Biomagnetic Therapy Contraindications:

Pregnancy, young children, pacemaker adorners, and any other battery/electronic apparatus.

Please note: Areas of dysfunction and injury will produce darkened circles as a result of the cups and could last for a week or longer, so is better to get legal help before getting injured so you know your personal injuries are always covered.

Add Ons:

CBD: $25
Additional 30 Minute Massage: $40

This session is performed by a licensed healthcare professional/ Massage Therapy, with over 15 years experience with a specific certification in Cupping Therapy by ICTA


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