Angel Healing Therapy Journey™

2 hour journey for $150

A Balance for Life original creation. In this very special journey healing session, we will be asking the Archangels support for the purpose of self healing, unconditional love and invoking those qualities needed at this time in your life to initiate deep healing and clarity. Sometimes we need to look inward to heal past situations or to let go of nonproductive, faithless thinking, in order for us to move forward and open the door of surrender and receive everlasting happiness and life fulfillment.

Annie B

In this very profound and specialized energy healing session, we will specifically ask Archangel Michael, Uriel, Gabrielle and Raphael to have a large presence during our time together. The use of Angel cards, crystals and crystal grids will be some of the healing tools we will use for deeper healing to your questions, concerns, fears, healing and messages.

Together we will create a daily affirmation.

This amazing experience includes:

  • 60 minute Archangel / energy session to help with this transformative healing to create balance and encourage the road of ease and grace while these changes occur. Some of these changes will be fast and noticeable and yet others will occur over time
  • Creation of a healing affirmation, specific to that which is needed for you at this time
  • Grid
  • 4 Crystal Quartz Points
  • Center Grid Crystal
  • 4 Supporting Crystals to add to your Crystal Grid
  • Instructions regarding Sacred Sage & cleansing & clearing your crystals & space
  • A Beautiful Organza Bag to store & to keep all your crystals safe in between usage
  • Short Metaphysical descriptions for each type crystal

All of this will be yours to keep as you continue the process of healing & spiritual practice within the comfort of your home.

Please note: Multiple sessions will include different crystals.


  • Energy Medicine

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