Amma Vibrational Therapy

60 min for $100 | 90 min for $150

Amma Therapy is an ancient Chinese Medicine Treatment, in which the focus lies in clearing dysfunction and rebalancing the body’s energy meridians throughout. Specialized and focused massage techniques are utilized.

This session is combined with tuning fork therapy, stimulating specific points to activate, release,  calm, balance and promote healing.

All 60 minute sessions include a general well being & balancing protocol.

Patients with specific treatment focus, which could include:

Headaches, Digestive Dysfunctions, Stiff Neck & Shoulder Pain, Lower Back Pain and so on, are asked to reserve a 90 minute session. Some Massage may also be incorporated during longer sessions.

This session is performed by a Licensed Professional Healthcare Provider in Massage Therapy, with extensive formal training in Chinese Medicine and specialized training in Tuning Fork Therapy.


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