Clay Masks

Face or Chest: for $20 | Back: for $25


Enjoy our clay mask treatments alone or as an add on to any treatment.

Choose from the following clay selection:

  • French Green clay (recommended for all skin types and beneficial for detoxification and returning the skins PH level back to normal).
  • Ivory Clay (Best for sensitive skin types).
  • Australian Olive Green clay (excellent for all skin types, however, the strongest clay for detoxification). The Australian Olive Green Clay is also very beneficial for use on acne prone and oily skin types; it helps to re-balance oil flow and can aid in repair of scars.

Other clay types are available. Price and benefits upon request.

Enjoy: TeaTree oil soaked hot towels to sterilize and loosen the skin. Clay of your choice, Cucumber slices to reduce puffy eyes and swelling, Vitamin E moisturizing application to all treated area.


Combination Treatments:

Any two for $40

Full Treatment for $65