Promote health and well-being for the mind, body and soul with our unique selection of Specialty Treatments, many of which have been inspired by indigenous cultures from around the world. These delightful treatments and therapies will leave you with a profound feeling of utter relaxation and life-altering experiences.

Raindrop Therapy

60 min for $100 | 90 min for $140

Inspired by Native American Traditions. The application of nine therapeutic-grade oils, containing anti-inflammatory, . . .

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Hot Stone Therapy

Approx. 90 min for $150

The healing power of Mother Earth’s gifts. Basalt stones enriched with Copper and Sulfate, soaked in a blend of Lavender and . . .

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90 min for $150

Clinical research has shown that fragrant essential oils have profound effects on the mind, body and soul. Included: An in depth . . .

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Hot Cocoa Stone Body Treatment

90 min for $200

Escape the cold and restore the skins healthy glow.. Enjoy a cocoa exfoliation treatment, a soothing, silky Cocoa Comfort . . .

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Asian Influenced:

Enjoy our specially chosen selection of Asian inspired therapies, balancing the mind, body and soul, working to free muscular restrictions, promoting relaxation and recirculating the flow of energy throughout the meridian energy channels.

Thai Massage

90 min for $150

Sometimes called ‘Yoga Massage’, originated in Buddhist Monasteries as preventative health for the monks. This massage is . . .

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Ear Candling

45 min (2 candles per ear) for $50

Also referred to as ‘Coning’, is used to help remove wax build up, trapped moisture, bacteria, fungus, candida, yeast, and . . .

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Herbal Thai-Ball Massage

90 min for $150

A specialized therapy, based on the Royal healing traditions of Thailand, use herbal filled pouches along the energy meridians, . . .

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A therapeutic method of pain relief by stimulating pre-designed pressure points on the hands, feet and ears, connecting directly through the nervous system and effecting the bodily organs and glands.This therapy is as effective for promoting good health and for preventing illness as it may be for relieving symptoms of stress and injury.

Authentic Foot Reflexology

45 min for $65 | Add Hand Reflexology – 70 min for $100

Executed by a Certified Reflexologist, this therapy is based on ancient Chinese healing arts. The nerves of the feet are . . .

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Authentic Hand Reflexology

30 min for $45 | Add Foot Reflexology – 70 min for $100

Working the hands and the forearms, the therapist works the musculature and stimulates the nerves and the nerve endings in the . . .

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Charcoal Treatment

for $45

Using a mixture of activated charcoal and aloe Vera, this special poultice is applied to the liver and spleen, drawing toxins and poisons out of the organ(s), through the skin . . .

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