Our Accredited Spiritual School of Excellence offers many inspiring attunement based training’s, classes & educational based courses designed to increase one’s spiritual knowledge, vibrational frequency and personal divine connection.
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Classroom Only Training

These in-person training courses are small, intimate & can be scheduled according to the students convenience. Please Note: certification and prerequisite requirements may apply.

WhiteLight Self – Empowerments

$350 all Levels OR $100/level

WhiteLight Self Empowerment is an intensive spiritual path of healing, clearing and realignment that was channeled by Reiki Master . . .

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Reiki Level 1 Certification


Stepping onto Your Spiritual Path Reiki, pronounced as “Ray Key”, is a pure energy form passed on from teacher to . . .

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Reiki Master Practitioner


Reiki Master Practitioner Training: Spiritual Expansion, Advanced Practitioner Skills This is a minimum 8 week journey. In this . . .

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Archangelic Flames Initiation


COMING SOON The Archangelic Flames initiations comprise of 4 separate attunements that give you the spiritual tools to connect you . . .

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Reiki Level 2 Certification


Reiki 2 Training The Emotional Clearing In this 2nd and very powerful level, each student will be given more tools and will . . .

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Reiki Re-Attunements

30 - 90 min classes

Re-attuning to the different levels of Reiki is extremely effective in clearing, cleansing and detoxing the chakra’s on . . .

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Online Only Training

These Online courses are completed via Long Distantly & can be scheduled and “called in “ energetically according to the students convenience. Courses include: PDF Manuals, Long Distant attunements, email support & Completion Certificates with lineage. Certain pre-requisites may apply.

Bam Reiki


The Energies of this Long Distant Attunement work to disperse blockages, stop Psychic Attacks, as well as, clear negative energies . . .

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Celestial Abundance Encoding


The Celestial Abundance Encoding is a simple, yet powerful “spiritual tool”. Though this encoding is transferred in . . .

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Brighids Flame Reiki


This Reiki System was channeled Joanna Rowan Mullone in 2008 and works with the energies of the Celtic Goddess Brighid. Brighids . . .

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Reiki Grand Master Attunements

From $46-$125

The Reiki Grand Master Degree’s or Secret Degree’s as they are also known, are not part of the traditional teaching of Master . . .

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