WhiteLight Self – Empowerments

$350 all Levels OR $100/level


WhiteLight Self Empowerment is an intensive spiritual path of healing, clearing and realignment that was channeled by Reiki Master Daniela Hills.


WhiteLight Self-Empowerment is a very powerful form of energy that heals, empowers, and clears your aura and all chakra’s including the lesser known chakras.


The chakras that you will become attuned to are as follows:


** The Base Chakra **

** The Sacral Chakra **

** The Solar Plexus **

** The Heart Chakra **

** The Thymus Chakra **

** The Throat Chakra **

** The 3rd Eye/Brow Chakra **

** The Crown Chakra **

** The Soul Star Chakra **

** The Master Chakra **

** The Casual Body Chakra **

** The Spleen Chakra **

** The Elbow Chakra **

** The Hand/Palm Chakra **

** The Knee Chakras **

** The Foot Chakra **

** The Earth Chakra **

When working this system, your vibration increases each time you initiate, allowing you to come in contact with your higher self, spiritual guides, and other higher informational sources.

When working with this system your thoughts and feelings will become crystal clear and your intuition sharpened.

There are 4 levels within WhiteLight Self Empowerment which deal with the clearing, healing and expansion of the Chakra system. Through your acceptance to the energies of Whiteight, you will start a process that will clear and align your entire chakra system as well as align your Auric Field.

When working with these energy vibrations, you will cause dramatic energetic shifts to occur in your life.

* WhiteLight level 1 – The Clearing

Here knowledge about aura and chakras is required (and is explained in the manual), because in the first degree, the focus of WhiteLight Self-Empowerment TM is concentrated on clarification of chakras, and aura body clarification. During the attunement you receive the first clarification. You learn a very simple meditation to clear and activate daily, your chakras and aura.


* WhiteLight level 2 – The Healing

Here you learn to employ WhiteLight Self-Empowerment TM for healing sessions. Other themes are: Expanding the meditation, energy room clearing, protection and energy rising, self treatment, treatment for your clients, power places with WhiteLight Self-Empowerment TM and a special technique for harmonizing. You also receive another attunement. Integration time is 5 to 10 days.


* WhiteLight level 3 – The Expansion

During your 3rd attunement your chakras are further opened and activated, and the energy is extended further, and increased. Themes are, among others, advanced meditation technique, energy spreading, distance treatments, cosmic healing depot, contact with your higher being, connecting with information sources, and more.


* WhiteLight level 4 – Master/Teacher Degree

During your final Master Level attunement you will be taught the attunement techniques for this system and a master/teacher attunement will also be sent and is included in the manual. In this degree, more of your chakra’s are opened and activated, and your energy is increased further.


It is not necessary to be attuned to Reiki or any other energy system, as the WhiteLight Empowerment can be a stand alone system. However, in order to perform any long distance treatment or work, one must be attuned to Reiki 2.

Each level, if taken separately, is priced at $100. If committing to the full system: $350 ( $50 Savings )

Each level is 1 day.

A 5 day integration is required before the start of the next level.

A certificate of completion will be given at the end of each level and your name will be added to the practitioners/teachers list/registry for this system.

Personal Note:

WOW!! The energy intensity when attuned to this system is surprising powerful. I have to say, that so far this is my favorite energetic workings to date.


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