Shamanic Reiki Healing & Balancing

120 min for $200


This Sacred Shamanic practice helps to rid the soul of unresolved issues or/ negative feelings that have settled deep within us and in many cases, manifest within our bodies as physical pain.

This powerful session focuses on reuniting the soul with those parts that have separated due to trauma, bringing the energy system back into balance and healing using various energy healing frequencies.

The use of Healing Stones, Oils, Gemstones, Meditation, Shamanic Drumming, Aura Clearing, Cleansing & Blessing Rituals and Crystal Pendulums may be utilized to help guide, extract and re-balance the mind, body and soul.

Each session is unique & tailored to the clients needs & comfort levels.

This is an extremely effective and profound session and may help the following chronic conditions:

Chronic depression
Immune deficiency problems
Ongoing grief
Over sleeping
Gaps in adult memories
Lack of childhood memories
Chronic fears, illness, pain
Ancestral Healing
Past Life Trauma
Twin Birth Separation

It is recommended that a minimum of 2 sessions are scheduled within close proximity. These are 2 hour sessions & may run longer.

* Because of the focus & intensity of this session as well as the possibility of emotional/mental releases on much deeper levels, clients suffering from formal diagnosed psychological, psychiatric, and/or mental disorders/illness are recommended to consult with their healthcare provider prior to these sessions.

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