Reiki Re-Attunements

30 - 90 min classes


Re-attuning to the different levels of Reiki is extremely effective in clearing, cleansing and detoxing the chakra’s on deeper levels, creating a cleaner and clearer vessel for channeling Reiki energy much more efficiently. Each time one attunes to the energetic levels of Reiki, negative blocks and stuck behaviors are released on much deeper levels resulting in an increase of vibrational frequency. Re-attuning is also exceptional for those who are on their journey of self improvement, self discovery and spiritual development.


Initial re-attunement journey includes


Information regarding:

The 21 day cleansing and detoxing

Attunement self healing instructions

Information pertinent to each level


Email and phone support during the 21 day cleansing and detoxing cycle

Certificate of Re-Attunement  (received via email after the completion of re-attunement.)

Reiki Level 1: The Physical Clearing: $40

Reiki Level 2: The Emotional Clearing & Long Distance Symbol: $40

Reiki Master Level: The Spiritual Clearing: N/A

Any Re-Attunements AFTER the initial re-attunement journey

Reiki Levels 1 & 2: $25


Pre-attunenment meditation


Email Certificate

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