Reiki Master Practitioner



Reiki Master Practitioner Training:

Spiritual Expansion, Advanced Practitioner Skills

This is a minimum 8 week journey.

In this profound & spiritual advanced training level, the students knowledge, applications & intuitive perceptions of subtle energetic sensitivities will be the main focus. The jump between Reiki Level 2 Practitioner to Reiki Master Practitioner is extreme, and the skills, assessment tools & advanced techniques taught within Balance for Life’s original training course will create not only the needed confidence but will also increase each students spiritual self awareness toward their own healing, delving deep, releasing long term blocks to create more light within oneself, for this beautiful healing energy to channel through much clearer & stronger. This certification course does not include teacher training and must be taken separately.

At the conclusion of this training the student will have earned the prestigious title of: ” Reiki Master Practitioner “

This Journey Includes:

* 1 Long Distance Energy Healing Session with full written report

* 8 Extensive Weeks of Training ( In- Person or On-line Available )

* Extensive review of  Reiki 2 Practitioner Level Information

* Re-Attunement to the energies of Reiki 1 & 2

* 4 Master Energy Attunements, implemented over 4 consecutive weeks. Each energy attunement includes the purest channeled energies as given originally to Dr Usui as well as higher frequency energetic downloads ~ specific and unique to each student ~ as determined by the Divine.

* An extensive Reiki Master Practitioner Training Manual compiled and written by experienced Energy Healer, Katherine Mongiello ~ Balance for Life, based on the original teachings of Dr Usui

* Opportunities to practice and build confidence

* Metaphysical tools & techniques to aid each students continued growth, self healing and session enhancement

* Continued support & guidance throughout this journey.

Certification Course Topics Include:

* Master Energies ~ Traditional/Extra, Use

* Deepening the energetic connection to the energies

* Ethics ~  Business & Spiritual

* Advanced Healing Techniques

* Energy Medicine & Powerful Points

* Chi Balls

* Energy Sensing & Scanning Development

And Much, Much More


* Student must be attuned to Reiki 2 for a minimum of 1 year

* The student must be actively using the energies of Reiki

* It is highly recommended that new students set up an Energy Healing Session with teacher prior to training

** Training can begin & be scheduled at any time however, the Master Energies MUST be received in a 4 consecutive week format for best results.

** Some further minimal, out of pocket expenses apply ( page protectors, binder, dividers )

Requirements for Certification:

* Complete dedication and openness to communicate and work through blocks that will come up for recognition and healing with the teacher.

* All students will be required to perform:  1 Formal Long Distance Healing Session w/ written report.

* The completion of 20 pre-determined logged, treatment sessions to be submitted electronically through email.

* The execution of certain skills & show proficiency towards the material taught & covered.

* Submit required documentations contained in the Course Completion Packet.

Upon Certification Completion:

Each student will receive:

*A  Beautiful display Certification Certificate with Lineage ( Via mail for On-line students)

* Discounts towards Energy Healing Sessions including: Reiki, Long Distance Reiki, Crystal Reiki & Gemstone Energy Healing.

* Discount on Personal Liability Insurance with affiliate partner: Massage Magazine Plus

* An emailed copy of: ” Starting a Spiritual Business”, an original guide written by Katherine Mongiello ~ Balance for Life School for Development & Growth.

* Special Class Offerings for BFL RMP Students

Balance for Life is an accredited School &  recognized by the WMA & ACHH

Payment Options:

$300.00 non-refundable deposit is required prior to the beginning this course series & must be paid in full prior to receiving full access to the course.

( Payment plans can be arranged )

Cash or Pay pal friends & family transfer only is accepted

Please Note:

*Class Fees are subject to change without notice

*Copying, sharing or distributing any manuals furnished by Balance for Life is strictly prohibited.

**Only 8 Students will be accepted into this training program per year. Please call for further details.

**Because of the extensive increase in vibrational frequencies & the continuous training & support toward spiritual awareness, growth and the required commitment for both student & teacher, it is necessary that this series remain intimate & only offered in a limited capacity per year, ensuring complete focus, balance, health and dedication for all.

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