Reiki Level 2 Certification



Reiki 2 Training

The Emotional Clearing

In this 2nd and very powerful level, each student will be given more tools and will continue to deepen their commitment for self healing and discovery. This is an extremely profound level and it is not recommended for the student to begin this process during important dates, events etc;

At the conclusion of this training, the student will have the tools to be able to perform Reiki treatments in a professional setting and hold the title,” Reiki 2 Practitioner.”

This 6 Week Journey Includes:

* Reiki 1 Review and Re-Attunement

* 6 Weeks of Online Training Materials, Meditations, Audio/Video Teachings

* Private Student Group Forum

* 1 Long Distance Reiki Healing Session, Teacher to Student

*3 weeks of classroom training, ( Full online training is also available )

*4 Reiki 2 Attunements,

* Extensive Instructional Manual, written & composed by Kathy from Balance for Life.

* 1 Free Entry to Balance for Life’s Full Moon Healing Circle of Light, held monthly ( if applicable )

* Opportunities to practice and build confidence

* Metaphysical tools to aid in the students continued self healing and session enhancement

* Full & continued support throughout this journey.

Certification Course Topics Cover:

Ethics/Spiritual Ethics

Performing Treatment Sessions

Performing Distant Healing Sessions

Expanded Treatment Ideas/Advanced Techniques

Tools for continued healing & maintaining balance

Essential oil and Crystal Modules

Creative Activities

And much, much more

Upon Certification Completion:

Each student will receive:

* Beautiful Certification Certificate with Lineage ( via post, for online students )

* Lifetime Discounts on Energy Healing Sessions including Reiki, Crystal Reiki & Gemstone Reiki Healing Sessions

* Discounts on Personal Reiki Liability Insurance


* It is recommended, if Student has not received a healing session, to book a full Reiki Treatment Session with the teacher prior to training ( Long Distance Healing is available for online only students )

** Full commitment and openness to communicate with the teacher to work through & release blocks

*** Must have atleast 2 or more months integration between level 1 & 2

Payment Details:

50% non-refundable deposit required prior to accessing course materials.

Balance must be paid in full to start the course.

Cash or Paypal friends & family transfer only


Please Note:

** Class Fees are subject to change

*** Copying, sharing or distributing any manuals furnished by Balance for Life is strictly prohibited.



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