Reiki Level 1 Certification



Stepping onto Your Spiritual Path

Reiki, pronounced as “Ray Key”, is a pure energy form passed on from teacher to student, creating a deeper connection to Gods healing love and protection.

The Reiki attunement is a powerful spiritual experience in which specific energies are channeled into the student through the Reiki Master. The process is guided by the “God Consciousness”, making adjustments within the receiver, depending on the students needs. Once the attunement process begins, a raise in vibratory frequency occurs and the student begins to cleanse and detox any deep seated, negative blocks embedded within their being, effecting the physical body as well as the emotional and spiritual bodies. Toxins that have been stored within the body will begin to release along with emotional upsets and thought patterns that no longer serve us.

The attunement is also attended by our Reiki Guides, Masters and other spiritual beings who help implement the process. Many report mystical experiences involving personal messages, healings, visions, and past life experiences throughout this process.

With each attunement level not only will your vibrational rate increase but may also increase ones psychic sensitivity.

All manuals are original and written/compiled by Kathy from Balance for Life and are based on my experience, continued knowledge & Divine Guidance.


“As in all things in life, evolution is an extremely important aspect of growth and expansion. Reiki is no different.”  ~ Kathy


Clearing out the Physical Blocks

In this 1st level of your Reiki journey, the process of cleansing and clearing your energetic system begins on the physical level. The students vibrational frequencies will increase as these energies are re-awakened within them. Each student will learn the foundations of Reiki & be given the basic knowledge & tools to begin the process of self healing & discovery.


This Journey Includes:
  • 6 week extensive training
  • 4 Attunements, 1 each week.
  • Access to Private FB Page
  • Intimate classroom training
  • Access to online training, meditations, video demonstrations and more
  • Extensive Instructional Manual
  • Exercises to awaken & increase energy flow & subtle energy sensitivities
  • Powerful Meditations to activate & balance the 7 major energy centers as well as form a more energetic relationship with each of the Reiki 1 energies.
  • Private Phone support Meeting
  • Interactive Exercises
  • Free entry to Balance for Life’s, Full Moon Healing Circle of Light, held every month
  • Metaphysical Tools to assist each student in remaining balanced & protected
  • Continued Support throughout
  • Opportunities to Practice on others
  • Lifetime discount on Reiki Sessions and Crystal Reiki Sessions
  • Increased self awareness and ability to self heal oneself on all levels: Mind, Body & Soul


Certification Topics at a glance include:

What is Reiki

About Energy Healing

The Chakras, Aura, Endocrine System

Protection & Grounding

Hand Sensitivity Exercises

21 day Cleansing and Detox cycle

Self Healing

And Much, Much More


Upon Certification Completion

Each student will receive:

* A Beautiful Certificate of Completion with Lineage

* Discounts on Energy Healing Sessions offered at Balance for Life



* Students are required to book a Reiki Session with teacher prior to training. ( Not included in training course fee )

** Full commitment and openness to communicate with the teacher to work through & release blocks

** Training can be scheduled on any day/ time but it is preferred that the attunements are done in 4 consecutive weeks.


Payment Options:

50% non-refundable deposit required prior to beginning the online portion of this course.

2 payment Installment plans for this class is accepted after initial deposit

Cash, check or Pay pal friends & family transfer only


**Class Fees are subject to change

***Copying, sharing or distributing any manuals or online materials furnished by Balance for Life is strictly prohibited.












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