Long Distance Energy Healing



One of the key benefits to the beautiful healing energies of Reiki is the opportunity of receiving a session long distance.

The benefits include:

* Relaxing in a familiar atmosphere that is comfortable to you, wherever you choose

* The ability to surround yourself with familiar items that help to harmonize and balance you ( Music, candles etc; )

*When the session has completed, you don’t have to get up and go anywhere and can continue to relax.


~ Long distance sessions are very similar to in-person sessions, they last approximately 20 minutes and can be received anywhere in the world.

~ After payment is received, an appointment time and day will be set.

~ I do prefer to send these healing’s in “real time”, however, they can be prepared ahead allowing the receiver to call it in at their convenience.

~ Instructions regarding your session will be sent

~ You will also receive a summary report of your session which can include: Focused areas, insights, received messages & a  2 card reading for confirmation and added extra insight.

Session includes:

20 minute long distance session

Summary Reading Report PDF

2 card insight

Email support & share exchange

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