Liver Spleen Energy – Detox Healing

60 mins for $85


New Offering

During this healing session, the focus will be placed on the liver & spleen, both energetically & physically.

We will begin the session with the application of a specially blended charcoal detox salve, applied to the liver and spleen areas and wrapped, where it will remain during the rest of the session.
The remainder of the session will include a combination of reiki healing and the specific energetic systems, channeled by Mariah Singh, which are specific to the frequencies of the liver and spleen to cleanse, clear and heal these organs.

This is an excellent session of detox on both an energetic & physical level.

Please bring a roll of athletic sprain bandage to hold application fabric in place for your travel home.

Please wear lose clothing to avoid mess and movement of application.

It is recommended to keep application on for a couple of hours afterward.

Charcoal Detox application only available

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