Celestial Abundance Encoding



The Celestial Abundance Encoding is a simple, yet powerful “spiritual tool”. Though this encoding is transferred in the same way as an energy attunement, there is a slight difference in the procedure. During this attunement, an ethereal crystal is imprinted within the students energy field.


Ethereal Crystals represent the “soul” of the specific crystal as well as its properties, spirit and its natural vibrations.The celestial Abundance attunement will be that of the energies of the Citrine Crystal and has been programmed with a specific energy message that came form a tribe of Celestial Light Beings known as the Pleadians. The Pleadians are highly evolved spiritual beings that provide support for us on our ascension journey as well help us in accelerating our spiritual evolution.

The Celestial Citrine is activated for abundance, prosperity, and success, helping us to draw those energy vibrations to us, creating favorable vibrations within the aura.

You will learn to activiate these energies for yourself ( Reiki Level 1 needed ), for others-in person or long distantly ( Reiki 2 needed ) and to pass on the vibrational frequency to others ( Reiki Master Teacher Level needed. ) Attunement to other energetic systems is not needed accept to send long distantly.

You will receive a manual, emailed certificate with lineage and online Long Distance Attunement.




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