Archangelic Flames Initiation




The Archangelic Flames initiations comprise of 4 separate attunements that give you the spiritual tools to connect you with the energies of 4 Archangels. This connection takes place for the purpose of facilitating the self-healing and invoking those qualities you need to manifest your full potential and live an abundant and fulfilling life.

In this journey to wholeness you will be asking the Archangels to support and facilitate each initiative, and through this support, you will cultivate a deeper and more meaningful relationship with not only yourself and others, but also a deeper connection with everything around you.

Initiations can be beneficial for the individual for self growth and spiritual development, for any light-worker or practitioner, as a wonderful addition to any healing treatment or session.


Angelic Flames Initiation Manual

Classroom teaching of material contained within the manual

Add on course materials

Angelic Connection Meditations

Art Journaling Exercises

4 Archangel Supply Pack ( Oil, Incense, Stone for each Angel)

Small Sage Clearing Spray

4 Energy attunements

4 week journey

Certificate with lineage

Full support during and after each attunement

Lifetime discounts on certain energy treatment/sessions

Payment: Cash, Check to Cash, Apple Pay or PayPal F&F Only


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