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Kathy has educated me, followed up on me and overall has brought peace in my life .

The atmosphere is warm and inviting .

I look forward to the workshops and always leave at peace .

I highly recommend visiting Kathy at Balance for Life, once you do, you will the inner peace that we all deserve !


Michele P

Inner Peace at Balance for Life

OMG I wish i could come out there again to you!!! It was the best massage ever!!! You completely rebooted me and I am so grateful! It was exactly what I needed!

I am definitely sending my sister in law to you & will try to get out there again for another massage from a fellow lightworker!!!!!

I am in desperate need of an energy cleansing and bodywork!!!!

Thank you again!

Love Liz V

Best Massage ~ Indescribable Experience

Hello Katherine.
Thank you for the LD Session and I did get the PDF of my sessions summary open ~ and you were spot on with what you wrote.

Since the session, I had been feeling better and more focus on my medium ship then I have been for a while. I have been arranging events instead of sitting here thinking about it, as you can think that all day.

The big one is the emotional element that seems to be balancing itself out.
When you began this healing, I felt energy working around my stomach area & then the third eye.

The next day, I did a reading and found it was easier to read the person and then the same again yesterday. I felt that the information was more detailed, forward and specific.
Some of the things which you mentioned about retiring and second guessing myself with regards to my career was spot on however,  I am moving forward once again.
You were also correct, regarding the need for me to do something else to become more grounded.
It was strange that you mention seeing a blonde woman, as I did also, but for only a moment.  However, it had a sort of an impact on me, would have love to known what she was there for!
Thank you again Katherine for the reading & session, it has been a big help!

Love and Light
Ross, Psychic Medium, Australia

Radio Show Creator/ Host

Clearing The Channel of Light

Love love love!!!! Beautiful healer! Fabulous energy and gifts.


Psychic Medium, Shira Benedetto

Beautiful Healer

I had an amazing experience at Balance for Life. I could never explain it but it truly changed my life.

Kathy is wonderful she makes you feel so comfortable.

You have to give it a try you’ll love it.

Diane M

Life Changing Experience at Balance for Life

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