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Kathy, you are so inspiring and show so much compassion and sincerity, as well as offering terrific events. Always feel wonderful when I leave.

Ruth L

Kathy not only has been my spiritual coach and healer but has also become a close friend. Her healings have had a positive impact on my life and my overall health and outlook has improved tremendously. Wishes and love to the universe that her business grows and flourishes because Kathy is so deserving of this…xoxo

Angela Scarcola

Kathy is a professional message therapist I love coming here!!

Lawrence P

Kathy gives the best massage–put Balance for Life on your bucket list-

Toni C

Kathy’s extensive knowledge of the human body is only surpassed by her intuitive healing mastery. She combines traditional physical therapy techniques, mixed with new age holistic philosophies, for a unique and fulfilling experience. Her positive energy is contagious and her genuine concern for my well-being is always appreciated. After a long and hectic week, I always look forward to a session with Kathy because I know her magic hands will quickly melt away all of my physical and emotional stress, consistently leaving me relaxed and recharged. She is part teacher, part healer and part spiritual guide. At “Balance for Life”, Kathy has successfully created an all-inclusive oasis of rehabilitation for the mind, body and soul.

-Sean S.

Intuitive Healing Mastery

Would you like to share your own experience? - Submit a Testimonial »